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Why parents should give children ‘family time’ often

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Everybody is caught up in their busy schedules. When it comes to elders in the family, they carry a big basket of responsibilities on their heads. From the finance of the house to concerns related to the children—their academics, future, and so much more.

While it is obvious beyond doubt that the elders are always suffering from too much on their plates, it is also true that in the process of being busy all the time, they miss out on a lot of stuff in their children’s lives.

Family is quintessential in each and everyone’s life. Working parents seldom find the time to interact with their children and spend some quality time with them, but it is important that every child gets the beauty and peace of spending some family time. Here’s why—

Parenting Tips

  1. You can boost your children’s self-esteem

Often children tend to consider themselves belittled since because of their young age, it is obvious that they don’t take part in any decision-making activities of the house. When they are a part of family time however, they start realizing that they too are valuable assets of the family and acknowledge the time and effort their parents make for them. This boosts their self-esteem and also brings forward the feeling of self-worth in them.

  1. It strengthens bonds and understandings

When you spend time with kids, especially one on one, you not only get to know them, about their likes and dislikes, perspectives, but they too get to know your side of the story. It is not easy being a parent, and it’s not easy being a kid either. Through family time, both parties can learn their points of view in a vivid way.

  1. Children start relying on you

It is quite common that children are rather shy to open up in front of their parents and share their everyday stories with them. Family time leads to a sense of reliance in the minds of kids and they start counting on their parents to hear them out, and this is a positive step towards the togetherness of a family as a whole.


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