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Your digestive system can be affected by chewing gum

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A recent study has revealed that addiction to chewing gum can cause a bad impact on your digestive system. It is said that a common food additive found in chewing gums is the culprit of this, as frequent exposure to that additive can actually hamper your small intestine’s ability to absorb a list of essential nutrients and also act as a hurdle to foreign pathogens.

In scientific terms, that additive is a compound known as titanium dioxide and it is something that is almost unavoidable as it does reach our digestive system through some of the most common products we use, be it toothpaste, chocolates, or chewing gum.

It is present in the toothpaste almost in all brands since titanium dioxide is the substance that boosts abrasion that is essential for cleansing. In chocolates too, it is used for the purpose of giving the bars a smooth texture, making its appearance sleek.

As per the research, this substance is next to impossible for consumption and one need not fear because it is not something fatal and acute consumption of it won’t cause much damage, but it is chronic exposure to titanium dioxide that will cause the adverse effects, weakening one’s small intestine.

The study further revealed that with chronic exposure, the abilities of the small intestine become affected badly, and the metabolism rate of the body slows down, along with the fact that certain nutrients like zinc, iron as well as some fatty acids become quite hard for the small intestine to absorb.

It was also noted that with chronic exposure to titanium dioxide, one’s enzyme functions to are affected and the inflammation signals in the digestive system level up.

Hence, it is highly recommended for everyone to avoid the intake of titanium dioxide as much as possible and the best way to do so is by avoiding processed foods, especially candies.

This way you can chalk out a large part of the harmful substance from your diet, as candies have maximum nano-particles of titanium dioxide.


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