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About Savitri Brata

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About Savitri Brata

Savitri Brata will be celebrated on the 25th of May. It is a day of utmost significance for Hindu women, especially in the state of Odisha as well as Maithil ladies of Nepalese Mithila. It is also known by the name of Sabitri Uwaans, in the region of Western Odisha.

The day falls on the no moon day of this month, also known as Amavasya, and on this day married Hindu women whose husbands are still alive, observe fasts for their husbands, so that their husbands get longer and healthy life.

The reason it is known as ‘’Savitri’’ Brata, is the fact that it was coined after Savitri, an immensely powerful lady in Hindu mythology who with her sheer love, dedication, devotion, and prayers, had saved her husband Satyavan from the god of death.

In other regions of India, mainly the states of Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra as well as the state of Karnataka, the same day is celebrated by the name of Vat Purnima.

As per Hindu mythology, beautiful goddess Savitri, who was the daughter of Madra Desa’s king Aswapati, had chosen Satyavan, a prince in exile as her husband.

After marriage, Savitri along with her husband and in-laws lived in the forest and like a doting wife and daughter in law, she looked after them very well. One day, Satyavan fell down from the tree, hurting himself and was near his death as the god of death—Yamaraj had appeared to take him with her.

That moment, Savitri came to the scene and begged Yamraj to not take her husband and if he did, she too will follow his soul. Yamraj was moved by this gesture of Savitri and hence, restored Satyavan’s soul into his body and thus, she got him back.

All Hindu women who celebrate this day of fasting, wake up early in the morning, take bath, dress up in new clothes, wear their bangles and also apply vermilion on their parting.

A variety of fruits is offered to the goddess and after the fast is over, the women bow in front of the elderly, take their blessings and break their fast.


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