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World Down Syndrome Day- March – 21

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The World Down Syndrome Day each year is observed on 21st March. The primary purpose behind celebrating this day was to observe the people down with syndrome and their nearby friends and families to participate in multiple activities and raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

On this day, the voice of the single globe is used for advocating for the different rights, inclusion and the wellbeing of the people who are suffering from Down Syndrome.

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About Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is known to be a naturally occurring chromosomal which is arranged in such a manner that always has been a part of the human body, and which has seen to exist in every region across the entire globe. The results come in the form of variable effects such as physical characteristics, learning styles or health, etc. P

People who have down syndrome do require proper health care which includes early intervention and education for appropriate development and growth.


The World Down Syndrome Day was first commenced in December 2011. It was when the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) had declared 21st March as the day through a resolution (A/ RES/ 66/ 149). Then it was then that the General Assembly had decided that with effect from 2012 to witness 21st March as World Syndrome Day.

The 21st March is the 3rd month of every year, which was purposely chosen to signify the proper uniqueness of the trisomy of the causes of the 21st Chromosomes.


No doubt on this day, a lot of events are taken place across the globe in the different countries as each country has its style of celebrating this day, where the main focus is always on educating and making people aware of the disease.

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