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World Sparrow Day – March – 20

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About World Sparrow Day

Each year on 20th March, World Sparrow Day is celebrated. The primary purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness about the sparrows.

This day is marked with a hope that every individual, government agency, community, the science center’s come up with effective measures to save the sparrows. Through this, there will be a direct impact on biodiversity as well.

This day is also celebrated to bring together the relationship between the sparrows and people, and spread an immense amount of love for the sparrows.

There is a point of the question, which has stuck that why sparrows which have been the oldest companions are now on the verge of extension?


The very First World Sparrow Day was celebrated in the year 2010. Annually each year, it is observed on 20th March. The initiative was first taken by the Nature Forever Society of the country in collaboration with the Eco – Sys Action Foundation (France) and with many other international and national organisations.


The main aim of World Sparrow Day is to provide a platform and opportunity to the people from the various parts of the country to come together and play a role of an advocacy by helping to spread the awareness about the needs and wants of conserving not just sparrows but all the species out there and the entire biodiversity.

The World Sparrow day has a comprehensive vision to provide a great platform to the individuals who are working hard to conserve the sparrows of the world and various other species, to come together network and collaborate by exchanging practical ideas that might lead to better results and improved diversity.

This day also acts as a ground for the people meeting each other from different parts of the world to spread awareness.

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