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World Consumer Rights Day – March – 15

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About World Consumer Rights Day

The World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated each year on 15th March. The purpose of celebrating consumer rights day is raising awareness globally about all the rights and needs a consumer has and enjoys.

This day is celebrated to demand all the rights which relate to the consumers, the rights which are protected in the name of the consumers. It is protested against all the market abuses and the injustices the consumer had to go through.


This day, the word consumer rights day was initially inspired by John F Kennedy, the president who had sent a message to the congress of the US on the 15th March 1962. On this day, the president had formally addressed all the issues about consumer rights.

The president was the very first leader to so. Consumer movement started in 1983, and now this day is used as the chance to mobilize all the actions on various effective campaigns and important issues.


The world consumer right day is celebrated annually which mainly signifies the solidarity and celebration in the movement of international consumerism which demands the proper rights of to secure, protect and shied the consumer from any illegal practices such as:

A: Charging of higher prices from them.

B: Giving them goods which are not of good quality

C: Not disclosing the customers about the vital information about the product or service.

Every year, the world consumer rights day is celebrated with a theme. Last year, 2019’s theme was ‘Trusted Smarted Products’. This day mainly is about customers. The day primarily highlights the needs and wants of consumers. This day is celebrated to provide the customers with insights about their rights and help them acknowledge it very gracefully. This allows customers to take prompt actions against the marketer If anything goes wrong.

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