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Windows XP: ISO, Product Key, Installation Steps & Release Date

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On 24 August 2001, Microsoft Windows updated themselves by releasing a new operating system (OS) in the market namely Windows XP.  Later on, it proved to be of great success as well as a great competition to the others.

In this article, you will find Windows XP features, advantages, disadvantages, Requirements, how to install Windows XP, Product Key & Windows XP ISO.

Windows XP Features

  • Windows XP supported DVD burners and some other new devices.
  • It didn’t have a server version; rather it had versions available as Home and Professional.
  • Windows XP showed beneficial properties like a fast start-up (both in Home and Professional) and remote desktop access (in Professional only and not in Home).
  • Automatic software installation and maintenance can be seen in Windows XP OS (in Professional only and not in Home).
  • It was the first version of Windows which was not based on MS-DOS.

Windows XP Advantages

  • In comparison with other operating systems, Windows XP OS was very much to install.
  • Some downloads contain harmful viruses which may cause severe damage to the computer. Windows XP enables a scanning on such downloads to check whether there is any virus or not.
  • With help of Microsoft Outlook, Windows XP protects the e-mail address of the user more securely from the hands of spammers.
  • Fewer computer resources are required for Windows XP OS.
  • A user can protect specific folders with security passwords with the help of the security system of Windows XP.

Windows XP  Disadvantages

  • Windows XP is very much costly to buy.
  • Since Windows XP OS uses only one user license, thus it is just limited to one computer. It cannot be installed on multiple computers.
  • For malware creators, this version of windows is one of the targets. So, without any anti-virus software, it becomes too much risk to surf the internet where the chance of getting affected by viruses is too much high.
  • Some applications require a lot of system memory. Such applications are supported by Windows XP since it has only 4 GB of system memory.
  • Windows XP comes with a lot of drivers included in it, most of which are no longer used. The user OS forced to install new drivers on installing the Windows XP OS.

Windows XP System Requirements

  • Processor – 233 MHz or higher.
  • RAM – 64 MB or higher.
  • Hard Disk Space – 1.5 GB.
  • Graphics – SVGA (800 × 600) or higher resolution.

Steps to Install Windows XP

  • The installation setup on the computer should be done at first. This includes recognition of the product key, booting from CD/DVD etc.
  • The installer should be loaded.
  • To begin the installation, press “Enter”.
  • The “License Agreement” should be carefully read.
  • The partition should be selected which the user wants to install.
  • A new partition should be created.
  • Then, select the new partition.
  • “Format the Partition using the NTFS File System” should be selected and then press “Enter”.
  • Wait till the formatting process gets completed.
  • Wait till the Setup files are copied.
  • The computer should be allowed to boot normally.
  • Wait till the installation proceeds.
  • Language and region settings should be selected.
  • The product key should be entered.
  • The computer’s name should be set by the user.
  • User’s time zone should be chosen.
  • Network settings should be chosen.
  • Wait till the installation is finalized.
  • Display and connection preferences should be set by the user.
  • Windows XP is now ready to be activated and further functions.

Windows XP Product Key

During the installation procedure of Windows XP OS Product Key, the user needs to enter the product key as a proof of authentication. It also works as a license to the operating system. Unavailability of product key causes a barrier in the installation process.

Latest Windows

In 2015, Microsoft Windows released its most updated version, namely Windows 10. It is considered as the latest version of Windows so far.

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