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Windows 95 – ISO, Product Key, Installation Steps & Release Date

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Being the successor of Windows 3.1, Windows 95 was released by Microsoft as a part of the integrated 9x group with some new and advanced specifications in it.

Certain modifications were made in this version of Windows which made it capable of comparing itself with other companies.

In this article, you will find Windows 95 features, advantages, disadvantages, System Requirements, Product Key, steps to install Windows 95 & Windows 95 ISO.

Windows 95 Release Date

Officially released into manufacture on August 15, 1995, and was generally available on August 24, 1995.

Windows 95 Features

  • Windows 95 did remarkable improvements in its Graphical User Interface 9 (GUI) and simplified plug-and-play features.
  • It moved to 32-bit architecture of the OS from the 16-bit architecture.
  • Many new features were introduced, such as Taskbar, “Start” button and User navigations.
  • It had a built-in network support for various dialing-ups of protocols.
  • For all kinds of resources and files, there was a folder view.

Windows 95 Advantages

  • Multitasking and multithreading support is permitted for Win32 applications.
  • Efficient files and print support can be maintained more efficiently along with faster access to disk and printing.
  • The biggest boon of Windows 95 OS is that it renders Plug and Play support. As a result, it supports better network connectivity and thus, less time is required to be spent on technical problems.

Windows 95 Disadvantages

  • The PWL file, in which the 32-bit key is used to store the passwords, can be easily cracked.
  • For NetWave networks, a security hole with printer and file can be detected. Thus, it may cause certain failures in data security for corporate users.
  • The protection of Windows 95 OS is weak against buggy applications whereas another 32-bit OS was not that much weak in comparison.

Windows 95 System Requirements

In order to install Windows 95 OS, the following system requirements are necessary:

CPU – Intel 80386Dx of any speed.

RAM – 4 MB.

Hard Disk Space – 50-55 MB.

Floppy Disk Drive Size – 3.5-inch of high density.

Resolution – 256-color SVGA.

Steps To Install Windows 95

  • Before starting the installation procedure, the VMware Workstation Configuration Editor should be used for verifying the setting up of the virtual machine’s devices.
  • The Windows 95 CD-ROM setup Boot Disk should be inserted in Floppy Drive A and the Windows 95 CD should be inserted in the CD-ROM drive.
  • Turn the power of the virtual machine on.
  • If the choice of CD-ROM drivers is presented, the first IDE driver option should be selected.
  • Partition of the virtual disk to be done. A:\> FDISK.
  • Reboot the Windows 95 OS. If VMware Workstation window does not include a cursor, then press Ctrl-Alt-Ins or Ctrl-Alt-Del on Windows host and Linux host respectively.
  • C: drive to be formatted. A:\>  FORMAT  C:  /S.
  • Windows 95 installation to be started. A:\>D:   \WIN95\SETUP  /IS.
  • Ethernet Networking should be enabled manually if the machine’s Ethernet adapter is enabled.

Windows 95 Product Key

At the time of installation, the user should provide the Windows 95 Product key which can be considered for not only this version but for every other version of Windows. Though specific versions have specific product keys. Without the product key, one cannot install the operating system into any device.

Windows 95 ISO File Information

One can easily download Windows 95 along with its ISO file having the following specifications:

Version – OSR2

Language- English

Processor architecture- x86-32

File type- CD

File size- 400.67MB

Checksum- d4bc642e4e91c88a78dd59564d0790e247838bf60dcb4d88c821c875a63d2e7673687ac4d410b16ef0ff82903c48fcf0258b7d3e5d3564ff64663e8fe25592d3.

Latest Windows Version

Windows 10 is Windows’ latest version with all the features and advancements one can imagine.

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