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Windows 2000: ISO, Product Key, Installation Steps & Release Date

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Microsoft Windows released one of its upgraded versions of operating systems (OS), Windows 2000 on 17 February 2000. Not only it came with great advancements but also it provided a user-friendly interface.

In this article, you will find Windows 2000 features, advantages, disadvantages, Requirements, steps to install Windows 2000, Product Key & Windows 2000 ISO.

Windows 2000 Features

  • Windows 2000 OS was the first among the others which included Active Directory feature.
  • NTFS File system was first introduced by Windows 2000.
  • Via VPN (Virtual Private Network) other users can connect to your computer which makes the computer a remote server itself. This feature too was first introduced by Windows 2000 OS.
  • It also brought Distributed File System (DFS) which enabled the users to transfer files across multiple servers.
  • Infrared monitor system was one of the most successful features of Windows 2000. Moreover, multiple monitor system was introduced in this version of Windows.

Windows 2000 Advantages

  • As compared to Windows 98, the Windows 2000 OS reboots more quickly. Thus, it is more stable in comparison.
  • Multiple profiles for each user can be set up with specific custom settings of the respective profiles. More than one user could work in a single computer, not at the same time but with a personal customized profile of each.
  • Numerous security hot-fixes are available on the Windows 2000 OS. This helped a lot in a beneficiary way.
  • Multiple useful functions of the address bar were added in this version. People now could use the address bar in various ways and with numerous shortcut keys.
  • One can share the Internet connection of a specific computer with several other computers too. The concept of LAN (Local Area Network) was made valid due to this sharing which further helped in many aspects.

Windows 2000 Disadvantages

  • Windows 2000 Professional cannot be installed in the Windows 2000 OS.
  • Users had to work hard on the processor and memory for faster performance of Windows 2000. Otherwise, it would be a very slow operating system.
  • Designed more like a business OS, and so it does not helps much for home users.
  • There is a lack of efficient driver support.
  • This OS was not designed for gaming purposes and hence, users had to forget gaming on Windows 2000 OS.

Windows 2000 System Requirements

  • To download Windows 2000, the user needs to possess the following system requirements on the computer in which the OS is to be installed.
  • Processor – Pentium 133 MHz or higher.
  • RAM – 64 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space – Minimum 650 MB.

Steps to Install Windows 2000

  • The Windows 2000 Professional CD should be inserted into the CD-ROM drive and the computer should be started.
  • The CD has the capability by which the current version of Windows automatically detects it. Then, “Install Windows 2000” should be selected.
  • The following command should be typed, replacing “d” with the letter of the user’s CD-ROM drive: d:\i386\winnt32.exe
  • Then press “Enter”.
  • The appeared instructions on the computer screen should be followed in order to continue the installation process
  • Below, “Collecting User and Computer Information” will appear, which indicates that the installation process is running normally.
  • “Starting Windows 2000” will appear.
  • “Creating a User Account” will appear.
  • “Registering Windows 2000” will appear.
  • With the completion of registration process, Windows 2000 is now ready to function.

Windows 2000 Product Key

When the download or transferring of the Windows 2000 setup is complete, the user needs to enter the officially authenticated Product Key, which acts as a license to the OS. The installation will complete only if the original product key is entered by the user.

Latest Windows

The latest version that Microsoft Windows brought in 2015 was Windows 10. This OS provides all the advancements one can imagine in Windows so far.

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