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WhatsApp will stop working on your phones from 30 June – Check out

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About WhatsApp News

From 30th June 2017, WhatsApp will no longer work on a few phones because of compatibility. So, if you are using one of those phones then it’s the right time to buy a new mobile phone for you.

Platforms are:

–          Blackberry OS

–          BlackBerry 10

–          Nokia S40

–          Nokia Symbian S60

WhatsApp are expanding their features in the future and these platforms don’t offer any kind of capabilities. If you are using any one of the operating systems, then try to upgrade to a new version or to a newer Android version OS 2.3.3+.

Keep it mind that WhatsApp can only be activated with one number on one device. If you want to use in a new device, then install WhatsApp and verify your number on the new device.

One more thing, you can’t transfer your chat history. WhatsApp is providing the option to send chat history via email.


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