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Wall Panels and Tapestry boost Ambience

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Mere exterior façade of a building is not the ultimate sign to presume its status on a note of superiority. Until and unless one sees as to what is inside the premises, none can apprehend an impressive image.

It is worthwhile to mention several vintage structures occupied by affluent families like royalty of yore and also old buildings in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

They may present an ugly picture but the moment you step in, whatever you had thought of just a few seconds earlier goes into the oblivion.

This instant change of opinion is on account of well maintained interior décor.

The above-cited instance is not limited to India but the entire world. Be it the East or West, or the Arctic or Down Under, similar is the story. Owners of houses and even tenants would always desire a decent ambiance because this has a direct bearing on the psycho-physical state of not only the occupants but also the visitors.

Right from a mat at the doorstep to the exquisite chandelier lights on the ceiling in the farthest room, pleasing décor adds up to the status. There is this story of a new immigrant from India in Western Australia.

He bought an old country cottage with the intention of opening an Asian restaurant and began working on the interiors.

Assuming that the entire task would be completed in no time, he even sent invitations to herald the opening of his restaurant two days later. It was then that he realized several items were missing.

Some of them were the wall panels. The town where he had settled down had an ordinary haberdasher and a couple of carpenters but not any specialist in tapestries and furnishings.

At this a neighbour came to his rescue with a sane advice. “For decorative wall panels has several outlets as such you have to drive down there and buy these things,” the neighbour said.

He also added, “Remember bloke, you can also hunt for Thangka paintings and other Indian artwork like Tanjore paintings as you are planning an Asian joint.”

Thanking him, the Indian got into his newly acquired second-hand Land Rover and was all set to zoom to Perth when he remembered that additional furniture for the eatery was needed.

He returned to his home and took stock of the chairs he already had to assess as to how many more he would need. Once again he turned to his friendly neighbor for advice.

Suggesting a particular market, the Australian said, “Why to worry bloke, for your home furnishing ideas has lots to offer. Visit this particular shop, Joey’s for whatever you want.”

Once again thanking him, the Indian managed rushed to Perth to buy all that he needed and even shopped for additional décor items. Two days later, when the restaurant was thrown open, the guests were flabbergasted by the enchanting ambiance of the interiors.

The town’s Head Councillor complimented the enterprising Indian immigrant by saying, “Till the other day, this house presented a haunted picture as if it was possessed by spooks. Presto! You have proved all of us wrong.”

Similar to the entire society’s expectation for human beings to pure and clean in thoughts despite not being handsome in appearance, the interior décor of any abode matters much.

Ambiance counts a lot on all counts – pleasing appearance, status and aesthetics of a place among others.

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