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UrbanPro – Most Preferred Learning Marketplace

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About UrbanPro

UrbanPro is said to be the most preferred learning marketplace that helps you find tutors. This is a reliable online company that provides a quality trainer, tutor and suggest training institution.

This online agency helps you find a suitable teacher for your respective subject.

Students often find it difficult to get in touch with the teacher who can guide the best before the exam. And that is why UrbanPro is here with qualified teachers and trainers.

Not only the students but also the teachers can get benefitted from this prestigious online site. If you are a teacher and thus looking for students to spread your business then also you can take the help of UrbanPro. UrbanPro will get you a number of students who are waiting for experienced guidance.

History:, the E-learning marketplace is now known as From the very beginning, this online site provides services of training institutes and tutors for serious pupils from the high school, graduation, and post-graduation. This reputed company was founded in the year 2010 by Rakesh Kalra.

List of directors:

In the year 2010, Rakesh Kalra founded which is later known as UrbanPro. He spent near about 13 years in different technology roles. The post of VP of Technology at in Boston, USA is worth mentioning.

He realizes that the education system in India is so poor and thus he creates UrbanPro after coming back from the USA with his two young kids. He is with 14 years of experience of working in a number of internet startups in the United States.


As UrbanPro is a popular and renowned online company all over the country it owns 3 lakh professionals listed on its website.

Among them, 1.8 lakh are tutors with 40,000 language teachers, 12000 dance and music teachers. It is worth highlighting that there are more than 40,000 training institutes that are registered with UrbanPro.


UrbanPro deals with problems faced by students as well as teachers. There are students who fail to get qualified teachers and also teachers who fail to get a desirable number of students. UrbanPro just acts as a connector between these two.

At this platform, students can get teachers for whatever subject he or she has chosen. Even there are options for switching a teacher if a student fails to understand the explanation given by the teacher.

So if you think that you or any of your near one can get benefitted from UrbanPro, contact the team immediately without a delay.

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