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Kitply – Manufacturer of Blockboard & Plywood in India

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About Kitply

Kitply, manufacturer of blockboard and plywood in India has spread its operations all over the country and even in Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East countries, and Pakistan.

Through five factories with all modern equipment, twelve offices of sales, a workforce of more than a thousand people and more three hundred dealers, this company is working relentlessly in every corner of this country.

Due to its production process, since its inception, Kitply has set a trend and benchmark in the industry of plywood and blockboards. It is socially acclaimed for its high ethics and morals of business dealings, friendly approach towards nature and its continuous effort in community welfare.

With its expertise, products of best quality and services, Kitply has left its mark already in the process of building of the nation. The name of the company Kitply is synonymous with plywood.

In the Indian market, it enjoys an enviable level of equity and a large portion of the market is occupied by the products produced by Kitply.

History:-Kitply was found by the leading company S.P. Goenka Group on 26th August 1982 in Assam. At that time it was known as Sudershan Plywood Industries Private Ltd.

This company got its acknowledgment as a public limited company in 1985 on 1st August. Then this company started to produce plywood of different grades under the trade name ‘Swastik’.

In 1988, they introduced Fire resistant plywood named as ‘Firegard’, which was completely a new concept then. In 1989, the agro-forestry project was launched by the company in order to protect the wastelands.


Mr. Sumit Kar and Mr. Mahesh Kumar Gupta are the directors of Kitply.


This Company produces multitasking applications-from buildings to the household to construction. Kitply is the only name from the field of the plywood industry enlisted in the list of Consumer Super Brands of India.

Not only the consistency in the quality of the products but also the gradual improvement in the quality, process, and application is ensured by all the in-house researches.

Kitply has also launched Kitply Agro-Forestry Project to keep their commitment towards the protection of nature and has adopted it as one of their corporate measures.

Kitply has introduced certain activities to uplift the living conditions of the underprivileged people who live in the factories of Kitply.


For the periods of 19991-92, 1993-94. 1994-95 and 1995-96, Kitply has been awarded the Top Export Awards by Capexil.

Also the prestigious and highest national award Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Awarded was awarded to Kitply for their outstanding contribution in the sphere of wasteland development and afforestation.


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