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Greenply – Plywood Manufacturers in India

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About Greenply

Industries Limited is one of the largest company of the interior infrastructure of India. In Bombay Stock Exchange and in National Stock Exchange this company has been listed. In the financial year 2012-2013, the net turnover of the company was Rs 2044 Crores.

So many infrastructure products for interior like block board, plywood, decorative veneers, decorative laminates, laminate flooring, medium-density fiberboards and restroom cubicles are produced by this company. 45 branches of Greenply is there in India and through retailers, dealers, sub-dealers, and distributors, this company is spread across 300 cities of India.

The registered office of Greenply is situated in Tinsukia, Assam and in Kolkata, its corporate office is located.

History of Greenply

On 28th November 1990, this company was found as ‘Mittal Laminates Private Limited’. In 1994 this company became ‘Mittal laminates Limited’ and in 1996 it emerged in its present name that is ‘Greenply Industries Limited’.

At Behror, Rajasthan the first manufacturing plant of Greenply was established which was in 1993. Later in 2006, another plant was built in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand.

List of Directors:

Greenply Industries Limited has been found by Shiv Prakash Mittal who is also the chairman of the company since February 2007. He completed his graduation from the University of Calcutta and he is enriched with the experience of 35 years in the industry of lamination and plywood.

He is also the chairman of Greenlam Industries and the director of Greenply Leasing and Finance, Prime Properties, Greenply Industries, Galaxy décor, Greenlam Asia Pacific, Prime Holdings and Platinum Veneers. In the board of Directors, the other members are Shobhan Mittal (CEO and joint managing director), Rajesh Mittal, Sonali Bhagawati Dalal, Moina Yometh Konyak, Susil Kumar Pal, Upendra Nath Challu, Anupam Kumar Mukherji, Vinod Kumar Kothari.


In India, Greenply for the first time brought high-end products with lifetime guarantee such as Green Club, Green Club Plus Premium Plywood etc. The Green Fire Retardant Plywood got the certification of the Central Building Research Institute.

FSC accredited the units of Bamanbore, Pantnagar, and Kriparampur with the certificate of ‘chain of custody’. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 certificates have been conferred to the plants of Tizit, Pantnagar, Kriparampur and Bamanbore respectively. The prestigious certificate, SA 8000 has been awarded to the plant of Kriparampur.

Services: –

With the help of advanced technology and processes, Greenply relentlessly works to produce the best quality products. The main target of this company is to produce products which can be used in different special applications.

The best technology, contemporary designs, and efficient customer service- this company is based on these three aspects. All these make this company the most renowned and trustworthy among everyone such as- homeowners, decorators, artists, artisans, woodwork professionals etc.


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