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Helpr – Home Cleaning Company

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About Helpr

Helpr is one of the top known companies when it comes to taking care of any household chores that are required.

They have some of the best employees that will come to the required location and clean up the room, which can be on a one-time basis or on a regular basis.

They make sure that everything is done easily and with plenty of efficiency with the highest level of care and personal touch. They have plenty of service companies that are ready and willing to assist you whenever you need help.


Their partner, Avon was founded back in 1989 and it is one of the top premier providers of integrated facilities in India across numerous industries and sectors.

They have 33 offices that are located in 22 cities all over India and they are also a member of ISSA, which is the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

They have over 22,000 employees that use OHSAS and ISO 9001:2008 certified processes for management of over 1200 sites.

List of directors 

  • Sankarappan Rajesh: After Sankarappan Rajesh was appointed as a director for Helpr in June 2015 he was also appointed as the director for Heptagon Technologies Private Limited.
  • Rengasamy Vignesh: Rengasamay Vignesh is also a director for both Heptagon Technologies Private Limited and Helpr, which he was appointed as a director in June 2015.
  • Veeraraghavan Vijayramkumar: Another Helpr director, Verraraghavan Vijayramkumar is also a director for Heptagon Technologies Private Limited and was appointed in June and July respectively.
  • Patchirajan Lakshmanan: Along with being a director for Helpr since 2015 Patchirajan Lakshmanan he is also a director for Gman Tech Labs Private Limited, which he was appointed as in July 2015. 


There are numerous services that you can get through Helpr, including cleaning, pest control, electrical and plumbing needs. You can also call them to get help repairing a wide variety of items like your geyser, appliances, furniture, electrical systems and much more.

Also, if you need anything painted or if you need someone to come and clean your home, then you can give them a call. They can also assist you with any computer related repairs that you might need, including software installation, hardware replacement and more.

They have subscriptions that you can purchase that is valid for 1 year and that can cover a wide variety of areas like cleaning, home repair, pest control and much more.

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