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Top 10 Football Teams Statistically Ever


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For years, football fans have been arguing violently with each other, defending the honor of their favorite team. To the question: “Who is better?” decided to take an innovative approach: the creators began to use the ELO system to calculate sportsmanship. Moreover, in the ranking of the best there are not clubs as such, but clubs in a certain time period. The fact is that in different years the composition and level of play of the same team can vary greatly. And we will tell you about the ten statistically best football teams in the history of football.

What is ELO? The system for assessing the conditional “strength” of the participants in the competition (both individually and in a team) was invented by the Hungarian chess player and part-time scientist Arpad Elo.

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  1. Manchester United (2008)

The 2008 season turned out to be successful for the Reds: not only the Premier League crown (by the way, at that time already the tenth), but also the European Champions Cup got into their piggy bank. The players were also successful with recognition, three of them were awarded inclusion in the “team of the year”, and Cristiano Ronaldo received six prizes at once. Well, still, it’s a sin not to reward a person who scored 31 goals in a season. More than nine years have passed since then, but football fans still compare other football teams to Manchester United in 2008. And most often this parallel is flattering for the latter.

  1. Chelsea (2008)

After the Chelsea club once again finished second behind Manchester United, the management decided to part ways with coach Avram Grant and replace him with Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari. He put Ashley Cole and the recently arrived José Bosingwa as defenders, and the tactic paid off: Chelsea literally took the league by storm, leaving Liverpool far behind. True, by the middle of the season the team was exhausted, and Scolari had to be replaced by Guus Hiddink, who led Chelsea to the top three of the Champions League.

  1. MTK (1955)

It would seem that ancient history – more than sixty years have passed since the victories of the Hungarian football club. Most recently, the Second World War died down, during which the president of the club was killed by the Nazis, and the club itself was persecuted due to the presence of Jewish players in the squad. However, after the war, the ITC, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes. At its high point, many strong players played in it, including the great Ferenc Puskas; it is in his honor that the prize for the most beautiful goal according to FIFA is named.

  1. Manchester City (2019)

2019 brought the Sky Blues four trophies: they virtually single-handedly grabbed prizes from all football competitions in England and became the first team to receive a triple title. It is worth adding (especially in this day and age when the profitability of football teams is just as, if not more important than their sporting success) that Manchester City’s income was the fifth largest among all football clubs in the world at 527.7 million euros.

  1. Milan (1993)

The Italian club won three trophies in 1993, winning one in a tight 4-0 win over Barcelona in the Champions League final. The team, which had been playing defensively all season, suddenly and rapidly exploded with a string of goals. Milan then won Serie A with just 36 goals, which they scored in 34 games. He conceded only 15. In defense were such strong players as Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini, in the center of the field – Frank Rijkaard and Ruud Gullit, and in front – the winners of the Golden Ball Marco van Basten and Jean-Pierre Papin.

  1. Real Madrid (1961)

The fifties were a stellar time for Real Madrid, during which the club won the European Cup five times in a row, including a brilliant fight against Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960. After five wins in a row, Real received an honorary prize – the cup itself on a permanent basis and the right to wear the UEFA badge of honor. And in 1961, Real Madrid took the cup for the sixth time!

  1. Liverpool (2020)

Surely Liverpool fans will be ecstatic when they hear that their favorite team is in the top 10 best football teams of all time according to Clubelo! And no wonder – out of 21 league matches they won 20, which had never happened before. And if you add here the Champions League title, the FIFA Club World Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, it will become clear why a big smile does not leave the face of Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp.

  1. Real Madrid (2014)

The 2013-2014 season turned out to be an anniversary for Real Madrid – the 110th in the history of the club (or 83 in the Spanish league, but this figure is not so beautiful). The team then fought for a record 33rd La Liga title and entered the UEFA Champions League, hoping for a landmark tenth title. And Madrid succeeded, they managed to defeat “Atletico Madrid” with a score of 4:1.

  1. Bayern Munich (2014)

In the 2013-2014 season, Bayern triumphantly passed the Bundesliga, and in February 2014 went to the Club World Cup, having won the champion title. The club also competed in the DFL Super Cup and the UEFA Super Cup.

  1. Barcelona (2012)

The most statistically best football team in the world according to Clubelo was Barcelona in 2012. Then she scored a stunning number of goals – 175, that is, about 3 for each game. Both the number of wins and the number of goals scored are the best result in the Spanish league in a year. The top scorer then was (of course) Lionel Messi, who set a new world record of 91 goals in a season. He scored 79 of them for Barcelona and 12 for his Argentine national team.

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