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The Health Benefits of Ajwain Water

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Caraway, carom, Bishop’s weeds or common Ajwain are the different names that associate with the seeds of this herb. Both the leaves and seeds are consumed by humans in different ways.

Ajwain is aboriginal to the Asian continent and our country continues to extensively propagate this herb especially in parts of Rajasthan.

Also, Indians have included ajwain in their mouth-watering regional dishes for years, and quite unmistakably, the taste is deliciously familiar to our mouths.

It is one thing to get the health benefits out of ajwain by consuming it with various recipes or solely and another to drink ajwain water daily.

Every herb when consumed for its health benefits needs a good medium for its better absorption.

The medium could be ghee, honey, water or milk. It’s very easy to make ajwain water: just add 2 teaspoons of roasted ajwain seeds into a cup of water and leave it for soaking overnight.

You could either boil the water, strain it and then drink it in lukewarm temperature or simply stir it well, strain and have it.

There are several health benefits of drinking ajwain water every morning and here are some of them:

Benefits of Ajwain Water

  1. Prevents acidity

Acidity is caused due to the release of acid by the gastric glands in your stomach which could occur either due to odd meal timings or consumption of spicy foods. Drinking ajwain water or chewing the seeds could abate the symptoms.

  1. Helps digestion

Ajwain helps in the release of gastric juices in your stomach with the thymol present in them. Thus, it is advisable to keep drinking the ajwain water daily.

  1. Treats flatulence

Flatulence results from unhealthy eating choices or a poor lifestyle quality. Ajwain-infused water helps regulate this problem.

  1. For a cough and cold

For the ever-changing seasons in India, cough and cold are the common human enemies. Add a few tulsi leaves to the ajwain water and you shall face no issues further.

  1. For pregnancy

Ajwain water helps regulate the release of gastric juices during pregnancy when women experience unnecessary bloating and constipation.

  1. For losing weight

Ajwain and water combined together could help fight the overweight problems as good digestion ensures the elimination of unwanted mass in your body.


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