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Some of the Best Mobile Games to keep you entertained

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Sitting idle for a long time can make you irritated and frustrated. Nowadays every teenager has their mobile phones. Numerous engaging mobile games will help you kill your boredom.

These games are not only very entertaining but also a perfect medium for passing the time. With so many options available in the Google Play Store, you might get confused about which game to play.

You do not have to worry anymore here are some of the hand-picked list of best mobile games.

Most entertaining mobile games are

PUBG ( Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile

Though PUBG mobile game has not been in the global market for a long time, it is already a top-rated mobile game.

The game is a 100 players battle on Erangel Island. Players have to battle, kill, and collect weapons, gears, and vehicles they can commandeer.

The last person standing on the battleground is the winner.  There are four enormous maps with their weather and day and night cycle.

Mechanics like shrinking play area and expanding list of customizable items, cross-overs, and contents have been introduced to make the game enjoyable. There are options for playing a duo or a four-person squad if you do not want to play solo.

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is an ideal game if you love shooter actions. You can play it free of cost on your Android phones. The game features various multiplayer nodes and also some familiar classic maps and characters from other Call of Duty games. The player can customize loadout, are ranked, can win prizes, and more.

With great graphics and frenetic and fast gameplay, it became one of the best mobile shooter game. It also features a 100 payers battle royale. There are some in-app purchases for cosmetic gear.

Candy Crush Saga

If you are not into shootings and fighting, Candy Crush Saga would be the best option for you. You can play it on iOS as well as Android phones. The game features candy swiping and matching mechanism.

The player has to swap the same colored candies to make a match of three or more. Different levels have different tasks that must be completed within a limited time or a fixed number of moves to proceed to the next level.

As the player progress further, the tasks become more difficult. Though it is a free game player can buy exclusive amenities, which would help him clear the game quickly.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon has been a favorite cartoon of many kids. Now it has become a popular mobile game for even teenagers and adults.

Though it’s popularity has gotten affected and has tapered off a bit, a good option for mobile game lovers. The game is all about catching Pokemon, taking down gyms, and finding Pokestops.

Nowadays, you can play video games anywhere- your house console, tablets, smartphone, etc. Instead of sitting idle on mass transit or at the doctor’s office waiting for your turn, you can load your devices with different video games.

Some of these games are very addictive and can turn into hours of non-stop gameplay. These games are still evolving to give you an unforgettable mobile game.

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