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Savor on Nutritious Diet for Healthier Twins

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Pregnancy is one such period that requires a tremendous amount of care and love. The expecting mother is allowed to eat as she wishes because it is a matter of nutritional value to be dispensed to the child.

When it is detected that the expectant mother is going to be blessed with twins; her diet plan has to be managed accordingly.

This is the reason that she is being asked to savor on a nutritional diet without much difficulty. Some of the nutritional diet food items are:

Diet for Healthier Twins


Stated to have a maximum amount of proteins, minerals, and vitamins, the consumption of eggs is highly imperative. In fact, eggs are meant to contain riboflavin that works wonderfully as a healthy diet for expected twins.

Dry Fruits:

Always a healthy option for everyone and even expecting the mother of twins, nuts are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and rich vitamins to give extensive amount of nourishment to the mother as well as a child.

Sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and cashew nuts are laced with iron, vitamin E and magnesium.


Being rich in calcium and protein, yogurt is a must-have for pregnant women with twins. It is advised to have plain yogurt and not the flavored ones because they have a higher amount of sugar content in it.


Indeed, fish is one of the most important sources of protein and vitamin E. It is known to be helpful for expecting mothers having twins.

The essential factor of consuming fish is that it allows dispensing nutritional content to the twins.

Whole Grains:

It is justified to know that pregnant women require an extra amount of calories because they are meant to affect the foetus health.

Whole grains like Oats and Quinoa are the most important source of fibers that works wonderfully as a healthy diet.

Green Vegetables:

Considered to be extremely imperative for the babies in the womb and eve other growing children, green leafy vegetables should be consumed daily by the expecting mother because of the content of iron and folic acids in them.

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