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Satpura National Park

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About Satpura National Park

In the Madhya Pradesh state of India in the Hoshangabad area is situated the Satpura National Park. It must name from the slope ranges Satpura (Mahadeo slopes).

It is spread more than 524 square km (202 sq mi) of the zone. Satpura National Park and simultaneously Panchmarhi Sanctuaries & Bori gives (551 sq mi) 1,427 sq km of Central Indian Highland biological system which is one of a kind and was set up in the year 1981.

The national park’s landscape is unpleasant and is of thick timberlands, gorges, slender chasms and sandstone tops. The elevation differs from 300 – 1,352 meters (980 to 4,436 ft). The Dhoopgarh top are 1,400 meters high (4,600 ft) and all the Churna’s level fields.

Pachmarhi is close-by to national park and the closest railroad point is 55 kms (34 mi) named Piparia. Bhopal the state’s capital is found 210 kilometres (130 mi) away.

One of the exceptional biological communities part is the Satpura National Park, and has rich bio differences.

The fauna comprises of Indian giant squirrel, mouse deer, flying squirrel, porcupine, fox, dark buck, bear, wild puppy, wild hog, buffalo (gour), chinkara, four-horned gazelle, nilgai, bhedki, chital, sambar, panther, and tiger and so on. There are various types of winged animals. The winged creatures which are regular are peafowl and hornbills.

You have room schedule-wise to stop and glance around and appreciate the ants at work, see the butterflies, hear the flying creature’s call and smell of blossoms. Simply stay around for some additional time and you get the opportunity to see from the timberland’s shadows the gaur, tough Indian buffalo & spotted deer jumping and circling the trees.

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