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Duroply – First Plywood Manufacturing Company

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About Duroply

Duroply (Formely know as Sarda Plywood), found by Sri. P. D. Chitlangia is the first company that provided the manufacturing facility and the quality plywood products. The banner of DURO came into existence from this company only.

Present at multiple locations of India, Duroply (Sarda Plywood) has numerous collections of high-quality plywood products such as- Blockboards, Doors, LVL, Decorative Veneers, etc.

DURO is the leading and most trusted company for last 60 years in India when it comes to wooden products.

Sarda is also a forest-friendly company and has contributed to the conservation projects meaningfully as they understand the manufacturing of wood products and nature is intrinsically related.

They also put effort to popularize the usage of raw materials in manufacturing which come from the forests which are sustainably managed.


SPIL came into force at a time when only wooden furniture used to be used in India. This company was found by the dynamic, late Sri. P. D. Chitlangia in 1957, this company gradually turned into a corporate force under his powerful and strong leadership.

In Jeypore, Assam which is considered to be the home of the manufacturing of plywood, this facility of manufacturing was established.

The main motto of this company is to provide the best quality of products and the range of such products started to be produced under the banner DURO.

All the efforts and labors helped SPIL to reach a peak in the plywood industry in India in a short span of time. Later in 1980, the group launched MBPL or Madhya Bharat Papers Limited to make its presence feel in the paper industry as well and in 184, this plant was commissioned.

At present, SPIL is running with the help of technologically advanced and sophisticated equipment.

List of Directors:-

The names by whom SPIL is being directed at present are-

  • Sudeep Chitlangia,
  • Sheela Chitlangia,
  • Ratanlal Gaggar,
  • Sujit Chakravorti,
  • Sohan Lal Yadav,
  • Probir Roy,
  • Kali Kumar Chaudhuri.


  • This company is a forest-friendly company and it has been certified by FSC to support sustainable forest management.
  • IGBC or The Indian Green Building Council was established in India to introduce green building movement. SPIL is certified by IGBC as well.
  • SPIL is certified by E1 which set the norms to protect the environment.


Duroply (Sarda Plywood) is the leading plywood manufacturing company. The main products provided by this company are block boards, doors, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), plywood and decorative plywood. All these products come in so many variations.



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