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Role of Mirror Lights in Bathroom Remodeling

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After a tiring day when body aches and muscles sore, nothing can be more relaxing than a long soak in a bathtub. Studies have concluded that relaxing in a water-filled tub reduces mental stress and physical discomfort. Getting a new bathtub is among the best furnishing ideas.

Most of the contemporary bathrooms are designed by incorporating mirror lighting that enhances the overall appeal of the space.

Read on to discover the types of bathtubs that could renovate your bathroom completely. At present, there is a vast range of tubs to choose from. Such a range, by and large, includes clawfoot tubs and freestanding tubs.

The style of tub you choose depends upon:-

  • The space your bathroom has
  • Your personal style preferences

 Some questions that you want to ask yourself before buying bathtubs:

  • How often the bathtub will be used?
  • Where will the bathtub be placed in the bathroom?
  • Which type of material should be used for making the tub?
  • How much space is available in the bathroom?
  • What style of bath will suit your bathroom?

What are different installation considerations that must be thought of before buying a tub? Before spending on a new bathtub, you have to remember several physical issues such as:-

  • How big your bathtub needs to be?
  • How much room you have in your bathing area?
  • Where is the drain required to be located?
  • Would you like shower doors or walls surrounding the tub?

Also, before buying the tub, you should check the decor of your bathroom. Mirror Lights support the remodeling of the bathroom incredibly. You must go for such a tub that can actually complement the bathing area’s decor. If you are remodeling the entire bathing area, then there are several bathtubs to choose from. If, however, you just wish to replace old bathtub with a new one, then your options are limited.

Many people flounder when they have to choose between a large-sized bath and small-sized one. Always note: Larger baths are apt for soaking and sitting, while smaller ones are suited for doing quick cleanups. Choose your preference.

Which area of the bathroom can accommodate a bath?

The decision to place a bath completely depends upon the location of the drainage pipe. A tub can be placed:-

  • Against the wall
  • In the middle of the bathing area
  • In the corner of the bathroom

Materials that are used for making tubs

The material used for making a tub is of importance. For instance, if a tub will be used by several people and pets, then select a material that stands the test of time. Different materials from which a tub can be made are:-

Acrylic –

  • Is lightweight
  • Exhibits resistance to corrosion and fading as well
  • Is expensive

Cast Polymer –

  • Retains heat well
  • Having a gel coating can help it be more durable than acrylic
  • Has the flexibility of synthetic and look of stone

Enameled Cast Iron –

  • Is extremely durable
  • Can retain heat well
  • Is available in a wide range of colors

Fiberglas –

  • Is available in different colors
  • Is lightweight
  • Is very economical

Along with these, there are several other materials – Enameled Steel, Cultured Marble, etc. – that can be used for making baths.


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