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Planning to Buy the TVS Jupiter? Here are the Notable Pros and Cons You Should Consider While Buying

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TVS Jupiter 125 is a two-wheeler that has been impressing people with its numerous features and intelligent modifications over its competitors since its launch.

This vehicle belongs to the famous TVS Jupiter segment, a segment that has sold over 4 million units in the past ten years, raising peoples’ expectations of it. Through the Jupiter 125 model, TVS is hoping to get into the highly coveted and competitive category of 125cc two-wheelers.

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We took a ride on the scooter to test the plentiful features it boasts of. After riding for a few months, we decided to list its pros and cons, so anyone planning to buy the coveted Jupiter 125 can make an informed buying decision.

So if you’re in the two-wheeler market for a family scooter that is well worth every penny, you might consider getting a Jupiter 125. But if you’re unsure of this purchase, go through the pros and cons of this vehicle listed below and then make any decision.

Pros of TVS Jupiter 125

  • Offers Maximum Convenience to Riders

Jupiter 125 makes living with scooters much simpler compared to other available models. To begin with, the fuel tank is beneath the floorboard, with the cap to fill it with fuel to the left side of the column. It is possible to open the flap through the ignition slot and also open the boot.

The new position that the fuel tank holds has enabled TVS to provide 33 cubic liters of storage space under the seat. In addition, TVS claims that the area beneath the floor is spacious enough to hold the LPG tank. The seating position is comfortable and straight, with beautifully cushioned seats to soothe your feet on every journey.

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  • High in Speed & Performance

The motor in the Jupiter 125 is entirely different from the one found on the TVS NTorq125. In addition to the stroke and bore figure, both machines have nothing else in common. It is a more basic 2-valve machine that is less efficient because of its cost-effectiveness.

During the brief time at the TVS test track, we were in awe of how fast the Jupiter 125 is. It certainly wants to hoon, but with the strong mid and low-range performance, the Jupiter should be comfortable to ride within the urban environment.

If you decide to add more attachments to the vehicle, remember that it will also impact the TVS Jupiter insurance cost. But if you want to keep the insurance price reasonable, try to keep the Jupiter 125 as it is.

  • Premium Build Quality

TVS has made significant leaps in enhancing the quality it gives to its two-wheelers. From the selection of plastics to the switchgear, the paint finish, and gaps between the panels- everything is high-end, definitely the top of the line on the market for scooters with 125cc.

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Cons of TVS Jupiter 125

  • Quite on the Expensive Side

The price for the base model is the same as its primary competitor Suzuki Access 125. However, the higher-end models do carry a higher cost. The vehicle starts at over Rs.75k and goes up to Rs.85k. The standard version can be bought for around Rs.75k, but with enhanced features will come a premium price.

  • Design Could Have Been Better

TVS Jupiter 125 and the Honda Activa 125 feature a strikingly similar designs. While the Jupiter 125 is quite distinct from its 110cc counterparts, they look very similar. The integrated trapezoidal headlamp, chrome accents for the turn indicators, and the lines across the front apron appear identical to the Japanese counterpart. The side profile and tail appear unlike the Activa, and the hefty derriere adds a nice touch.

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  • Higher Associated Insurance Costs

It is a known fact that premium bikes attract a premium insurance cost. Since most people want to settle with a two-wheeler loaded with features, offers maximum comfort, and has an excellent engine, they end up with a bike that costs fairly on the higher end.

Since Jupiter 125 is no ordinary bike, you can expect to pay slightly higher premiums for it. You can use an online two wheeler insurance calculator to get a near accurate estimate for the same.

Want to Buy a Standard Bike that Has the Best Price & Features? Go With TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter is a bike loaded with features and boasts an elegant design. It has some cons, but the list of pros indeed overrides the same. If you want a bike that offers value for money and is smooth on the roads, you can consider buying TVS Jupiter for yourself.

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