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How to Judge a Mechanic Over the Phone

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A car breakdown on the road is a tedious experience. And no car owner ever wants to undergo it.

But, such unwanted events do occur that call for the need for a mechanic.

Although mechanics are in plenty, you might find it somewhat difficult to find one near your location.

Such a situation usually arises when you drive from the main city areas to far-off places.

Again, the unavailability of car mechanics nearby is no problem at all, given the predominance of internet-based platforms.

So, you can go to Google and type–mechanic near me–resultantly, you will get a comprehensive list of car mechanics near your location.

You can call one of them to fix the car defect. But, calling a mechanic alone will not work. You need to call a mechanic that is competent for the job.

So, how will you ascertain that the mechanic you call is right? The answer is–by asking the following questions.

#1) How Long Have You Been In Business?

It is an important question as it shows that the mechanic knows the market because the existence in the business for a long time allows the professional to understand the ins and outs of the market.

Therefore, you can consider hiring a mechanic in the business for a long duration. Such a mechanic knows the customer needs and ways to handle customers better.

On the other hand, a mechanic with less time in business is not likely to develop the art of customer handling. So, you might not have a good experience with such a mechanic.

#2. What is Your Experience Profile?

The experience matters a lot in transforming into a sharp, skilled mechanic. So, you need to ask the mechanic about his experience.

During the conversation, you should ask about the cars he handled during his mechanic tenure.

It will entail good results if you hire a mechanic with experience fixing defects in your car models. Then, you can be sure that the mechanic knows the nitty gritty aspects of your car.

Therefore, the mechanic can quickly spot and fix the defect of your car.

On the contrary, a mechanic with lesser experience might not quickly understand the problem with your car.

So, the mechanic can take a long time to understand the problem. As such, you will see wastage of time.

#3. What Are Your Charges?

Finally, you should ask your prospective car mechanic how much he will charge to fix the defect.

It is not a good idea to go by the price alone. However, that means a mechanic charging higher does mean that he is a good quality mechanic to fix your car’s defect satisfactorily.

Again, mechanics with cheap fees are usually not reliable. Therefore, you should refrain from hiring such mechanics.

Instead, you should choose a mechanic with reasonable fees but with competency and experience. Such a mechanic is usually reliable.

Other Observations

During your conversation, you should observe how the mechanic communicates. Good communication ability is essential as that can help him to understand what you tell him about the defect properly.

Again, good communication also helps cement relationships. And it is important to develop good relationships with a competent mechanic. You can straightway call such a mechanic if your car develops a defect on the road.

Examine whether the mechanic you deployed is helpful. Remember, a helpful mechanic can go a long way in keeping your car in good condition.

Also, check the negatives too. For example, examine if the mechanic tends to do things quickly and go away as soon as possible. If so, refrain from hiring him the next time.


Although there is no shortage of car mechanics, you could find it a bit difficult to find the right one. So, you should assess your prospective mechanic carefully.


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