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Perks of having a big butt—flaunt that booty in style

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The thought of a big butt does two things (other than imagining Kim Kardashian West’s booty of course!)—either it makes one feel great for being the attention grabber of every pair of eyeballs in the room, or it makes one feel a little downtrodden—for obvious reasons, because its “too big” to fit into normal denims, et cetera.

Well, good news for big booty owners and big booty lovers, as research suggests that persons with a lot of fat in their thighs and butt tend to have lower risks of diabetes and heart diseases.

The research was conducted by the University of Oxford involving studies and data from 2010 until now, where it was found that people with big butts had actually lower level of cholesterols in their bodies, and also that their bodies’ sugar metabolisms were extremely better than thin people.

Not just this, according to a report published in Elite Daily, having a big booty also acts as a catalyst that promotes brain development in human beings as owners of those big butts have high rates of omega-3 fats—which are known for boosting brain functionalities in individuals.

Also, it is observed that during pregnancy, women with big butts are far more comfortable walking and also handling labour than women with small butts, as the weight of the body is somehow balanced with the heavy frontal weight of baby belly that females gain during pregnancy for women with bigger backs.

Well, being fat is definitely not a delight for anyone and it is always advisable to stay well in shape. But with such revelations of health benefits of a big butt, it seems you should give the despairing thoughts of having a big back a go and flaunt that booty in Kim K style.

After all, as someone put it—“bigger is better.”


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