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Oacian – A Broad Explanation of the Species

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Oacian Overview

Oacian is the kind of animal which has the ability to live on both water and land based surface. Such animals are termed as amphibians, meaning “double-life.” They are quick and can move effortlessly in both the domains. They are also very well able to communicate on land as well as water. The animal has a very human-like psyche, as it is very devoted to its culture and queen.

Characteristics of Oacians

Oacian are the closely aquatic species that are easily adaptable both land and water and they are steadyfast, stickler, and serious. They basically live in areas that are moisturized and cool.  Mostly when they are not using their tail for swimming around they can be seen drooling and strolling the ground like any other valk of dex.

They need to have a water based body near them wherever they are in order to stay comfortable with their environment, if there is not a water body located near them they might dry out. Their body is mostly damp and cold when you touch it. You can often find scales on some specific parts of their bodies.

Skin tone

Their skin is quite cool and they feel wet when touched. They can camouflage their skin colour from light pale blue dim to dull dim purples, and ocean greens. Every colour blends beautifully in their epidermis.

They can’t avoid water for a really long time as they’ve got sensitive skin and it starts to dry out. They have Certain quarters and districts in the oceans where they live. They can also be found in the seaways and some big canals.

Natural Surrounding

These Oacian creatures have the desire to dwell in natural habitat. There are some specific environmental conditions that should be fulfilled for their survival. They should be able to dive in the depth of 100 feet in the ocean or sea. They do live in the higher and lower depths of the ocean and the seas.

They have an island connected to the water body for their ground interchange facility. Their capital city is Cryth-pool, popularly known as Cry-pool. It is said to be pinpointed at the sea floor, but some parts of it are at lower and higher abyss of water.

Who is in charge of ruling these creatures?

These organisms are very loyal. They all are controlled by their marine queen “Merlina Lympha de Saevus” and they say she is controlling the whole species with an iron clenched hand. They are perfect devotees of their queen. Her own skin is from the entire world. And her word is law, which separates this whole species from the rest of the world.

She has a mistrust from the other four kingdoms, she believes in the act of ruling. Because of that her people are considered different from the rest of the population. The other countries make her more of an absolute ruler and a perfect dictator. But her people do not agree to such regulations because the only true ruler who they care about is their own queen.

Her disciples solely believe her to be their true leader, and they admire her. They do not agree to any sort of connections or collaborations with any other species and they only care about their own existence.

Their unity and inspiration

These creatures are quite enthusiastic and they find ways to self-motivate themselves. Their devotion for the nation and the same kind of species is quite overwhelming. They always live in harmony and have strong faith in the principle of teamwork. They are so determined that they can go to any lengths for the progress of their species.

More about Oacians

The following are the sound features and traits of these animals:

  • They don’t like to be in the depths of the sea all the time, rather they like to travel in and out every now and then.
  • They have their own dominions and stipulations, and they are very unlikely to accept any species out of their race as a companion.
  • Oacians like their surroundings to be clean, especially when it comes to their food. They spend most of their time taking care of the hygiene around them. They make sure that they have arranged their things perfectly, like Valkirians Oacians put stock in neatness too.
  • They are very far from being a part of any political dissensions in the aquatic life cycle.
  • Due to the contamination of the water, rising temperature and other complications the number of these Oacians has decreased a lot.

Their culture and beliefs

These creatures live in the surrounding area which is full of fish and marine life, and they are also considered one of them. Oacians seem to be the depictions of the mermaids or some other type of animal in that line of thinking.

Even though they have a fish-like life structure, sometimes they come above the deep sea and try to enjoy the flora and fauna of the living land. They spread their legs beneath the sunshine and take a peaceful view of the land.

Other than these if a single creature tries to visit the unauthorized domain, they can expect a lifetime exclusion from the species. And if the excluded members try to join or serve the other queen they cannot. Because that May lead to major political problems between the two rulers. So, they are not allowed in any other Oacian population as well.

Oacians are pretty clean and organized organisms. They do follow some cleaning methods and are very determined towards the balance of the food. They’re creative and excel in every field.

The Attributes

The number of species who consider aquatic life as their home is not known yet. With the constant rise in the temperature, impurities in the surrounding and other challenging problems faced by the ocean ecosphere. The ocean biologists believe that the count of aquatic animals has decreased.

Research has shown that 90% of the marine population has not been explored yet by the human race. It is believed that in the deep parts of the ocean where light does not have a pathway there are many millions of animal species residing within the ocean that are yet to be enlisted.


Oacians are the organism who has the abilities to enjoy both marine and land life. They live their life with certain rules of survival. They fight for their own self and do good only for their own species, making them one of these toughest creatures.

They live half of their life on the deep sea floor but they do live in lands too for a fixed period of time. They are likely to be considered as fish, or mermaids and their main aim is to play their own part in the best possible way for the betterment of the whole race.

Though the sea has covered an enormous portion of the world, the better part of it still remains a conundrum for us.

This article contains all the related information that you need to have about Oacians, their living style, cultural beliefs, and much more. Hope you find it interesting and feel enlightened about the topic once you go through it.

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