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UtthanPadaasana – Yoga Asana

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About UtthanPadaasana

UtthanPadaasana has the pose of raised legs. In this asana, the person lies with the spine with the legs held together and raised straight upwards.

As both the legs are lifted upwards, it gives excessive strain to the spine. The normal daily practice should not be more than five times a day.

Breathing will be normal while doing the asana.

Procedure of UtthanPadaasana

UtthanPadaasana means lying on the floor and raising the legs straight upwards.

The step by step method would be to first lie down on the floor with body straight, keeping the palm down and near to body.

Heels and toes should be together and loose and faced towards the ceiling.

Stretch out both legs and toes to maximum possible. The whole body is to be straight and facing the ceiling.

Breath normally and inhale as much as air possible. Inhale slowly but deeply through both nostrils.

Holding the breath lift both the legs up about 10 to 12 inches or 30-40 degrees high from the floor depending on once capacity. After raising the legs, eyes are to be kept on the toes.

Retain for about 5 seconds. Exhale slowly and begin lowering the legs simultaneously.  Complete exhaling when the legs are brought back to the floor without any jerks.  Relax for a while.


This asana moves and exercises all the abdominal muscles, both internally and externally removing constipation, indigestion, gas trouble, and gastritis and reducing paunch. It is very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

It corrects the disorder of pancreas, nervous weakness, strengthening intestines and abdominal organs. It helps to strengthen the spinal cord and corrects disorders of the back.

It helps to take away the extra weight on the abdominal areas and has great curative and corrective effects on troubles in the waist, buttocks, and hip-joints. It assists in the support for effective, long term natural relief from tummy fat.


There are certain precautions that need to be taken care of while performing this asana.

As Utthan Pada Asana brings great strain on the spine and also rest of body, people with any spinal injury can practice this asana by lifting any leg at a time, or by lifting each leg alternatively with not more than two rounds with each leg.

It is always better to start with not more than three rounds on the first day. After each round, 5 seconds of relaxation is required. Do not practice more than four to five rounds a day.

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