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Nandi Hills at Chikkaballapur District

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About Nandi Hills at Chikkaballapur

Also known by the name of Nandidurg, the Nandi Hills are located in the Chikkaballapur district in the south Indian state of Karnataka.

Situated at a distance of around 60 KMs from the popular town of Bengaluru and at a distance of only 10 Km from the town of Chikkaballapur, the Nandi Hills as the name suggests are a series of hills nestled near the Nandi town, and as per the beliefs of the locals also happen to be the origin of the Arkavathy river.

Nandi Hills stand at an elevation of around 1,478 meters. The official language here is the same as the state of Karnataka—Kannada.

Coming to the origin of its name in history, there is a lot of legends associated with it.

While one says that during the rule of the Cholas in the country, the place was called Ananda Giri—which means The Hill of Happiness; the other legend says that the saint named Yoga Nandeeshwara had performed penance in this place and thus, it was named after him.

Another theory is that the hill of this place resembles a sleeping bull—which is referred to as Nandi in literature, and thus, the term Nandi Hills.

While Nandi Hills is treated as a fine outskirt for weekend getaways, it is soon underdevelopment of commercial and residential sectors.

Coming to the major places of tourist interest, Nandi Hills houses many amazing spots. These are—

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  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and Fort
  • Tipu’s Drop
  • Horse Way
  • Secret Escape route
  • A list of old temples, dedicated to Lord Bhoga Narasimha, Ugra Narasimha, Yoga Narasimha, as well as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
  • Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy Temple
  • Nehru Nilaya
  • A list of serene rivers—River Pennar, River Arkavati, River Palar, and the Amruth Sarovar
  • Brahmashram
  • The Gandhi House

Other than these places, one can also enjoy adventure sports like paragliding, cycling, as well as biking in Nandi Hills.

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