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The Most Haunted Places in Bengaluru / Bangalore

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Paranormal activities or supernatural accounts are much scarier than people like to believe. It’s always fun and nerve-wracking to hear someone narrate their ghost experience, however, if you are a Bengaluru resident, then try visiting the following most haunted places there.

Haunted Places in Bengaluru

  1. Nale Baa

Naale Baa

Apparently, in the 90s, there was a witch who used to roam the streets of Bengaluru and knock on people’s doors. The only way to avoid death was to write “Nale baa” (come tomorrow) on the door and the witch would go away.

  1. Terra Vera

Terra Vera

This is a colonial house that witnessed a brutal murder of one of the two sisters who used to live there in 2002. The other sister eventually moved out of the house due to property problems. Ever since that day, satanic signs and markings appear all over the house accompanied with a colder atmosphere.

  1. NH4


NH4 has accounted for many haunting experiences of a charming girl who would ask for lifts from the passersby only to disappear at the very next second. Such ghostly experiences have frightened even the bravest souls.

  1. Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore International Airport

Pilots and staffs of the airport have claimed to witness a woman in white saree roaming in the runaway and the cargo section of BIAL. Whenever people would near to enquire about her, she would vanish.

  1. Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli Cemetery

Visitors and passerby have reported about witnessing a man loitering around the graveyard at late hours in the night. Accounts have been made that spirits from the graves have risen and roamed the grounds as well, however, the latter is too scary to believe.

  1. Call centre, M.G.Road

Call centre, M.G Road

This is a heads-up for the night shifters. A woman who used to work at this call-centre was killed in an accident from rash driving and was left for dead. People passing by the office have claimed hearing shrieks and screams of a dying woman.

  1. Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital

This hospital nests a fun ghost who is known for lurking in the premises and stealing people’s food. It is a white figure that would often perch up on a tree and apparently has an endless appetite.


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