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How to redeem Citibank credit card reward points to cash

Citibank Reward Points for Credit Cards

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Credit cards have grown into a way of life. It is almost a requirement to survive on credit, as it helps delay payments when managing current needs. It has now become an essential function of credit cards to earn something back by using these cards.

In providing incentive points to keep their clients happy, banks have been innovative. Citibank is a leading international bank with operations around the nation and provides multiple opportunities for these points to be redeemed.

You get to collect Citibank loyalty points anytime you swipe your Citibank credit card. It is possible to redeem these Citibank credit card reward points against merchandise, tickets, fashion, and electronics listed on the Bank’s website. The redemption of Citibank credit card reward points is a quick and easy process. Below, more specifics are listed.

How do you earn credit card reward points from Citibank?

You will receive reward points every time you use your Citibank credit card. You will accumulate more points for your investment at retail stores, travel bookings, movies, and much more, depending on the type of card you carry.

How does the redemption of Citibank credit card reward points work?

You can perform the 24×7 online redemption of Citibank credit card rewards point and also check the balance by sending only one SMS-SMS REWARDS XXXX to 52484 * (XXXX is the last four digits of your Card)

  • Citibank also allows you to buy from its online partners and use the reward points to pay!
  • You will redeem your points against the Card outstanding for cashback.
  • Redeem your Citibank Miles Move Loyalty Points and book air tickets.
  • Using the reward points, gift cards can be purchased. These include shoes, clothes, books & entertainment, department stores, health & beauty, hotels & dining, and travel.

What you can redeem from Bonus Points from Citibank

Citibank credit card holders can redeem their reward points to receive gifts, merchandise, and services available on the gift list of Citibank credit card reward points. It encompasses:

  • Miles Pass to purchase airline tickets
  • Cashback option for outstanding cards
  • Instant incentives by online shopping with any of the online partners
  • Purchase gift coupons for shoes, clothing, books & movies, department stores, health & beauty, hotels & dining, and travel.
  • The catalogue mentioned above of Citibank credit card reward points is continuously updated with new items/partners and added. This will change at the Bank’s discretion.

How to check your Points or Reward?

The reward points are straightforward and convenient to verify. Pursue any of the means given below to do the same:

Clients can connect to Citibank Online or use the Citi Mobile App.

The most recent credit card statement also displays the reward points received.

Send a REWARDS XXXX SMS with the XXXX marking the last four digits of your credit card number and send it to 52484 (users of Airtel, Aircel, Idea, or Vodafone) or +91-9880752484 (users of any other network). All this can only be sent from your registered mobile number.

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, Citi Prestige Credit Card, Citi Rewards Credit Card, or IndianOil Citi Platinum or Titanium Credit Card users can log in with their User ID and IPIN to Citibank Online and then choose Credit Cards > Redeem Rewards.

For First Citizen cardholders, the reward points automatically reflect after the billing period of any month in the account of First Citizen of Shopper’s Stop.

Rewards Terms & Conditions

The feature of the Citibank Rewards Catalogue Rewards Redemption applies only to selected Citibank Credit Card items. This scheme shall remain in effect until Citibank terminates it.

The Citibank Reward Points so redeemed will automatically be subtracted from the accrued Citibank Reward Points in the Cardmember’s Account upon redemption.

No accumulation or redemption of Citibank Reward Points would be permissible if the Card has been withdrawn or cancelled on the applicable date, liable to be cancelled. Or if the Cardmember account is a default account or any provision of the Cardmember Terms and Conditions has been infringed.

If the Citibank Card is closed voluntarily by the Card Owner, the Reward Points of the Card Member’s account will immediately expire.

If the Citibank Card is mistakenly closed by the Card Owner, the Reward Points of the Card Member’s account shall expire 45 days after the closing of the Card.

Payment of fees/service charges / all other sums owed to Citibank by a Cardmember for the use of the Citibank Credit Card by the Cardmember under the Offer and otherwise will be regulated by the detailed terms and conditions of the Citibank Cardmember.

Following the comprehensive Citibank Cardmember Terms & Conditions, the above terms and conditions need to be read. The detailed Terms & Conditions of the Card Member can be viewed on the Citibank online portal.

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