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How to make your kids obey you?

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Parenting is the most challenging phase in an individual’s life, which makes them feel happy, concerned, excited, confused, all at the same time.

While children can be amazing bundles of joy, at times they can be quite quirky too. The most daunting aspect of this phase for parents can be disciplining their kids, since it is no surprise that often children are way too disobedient.

Here are four ways that have proven to be effective in making kids obey their parents:

  1. Tell them the consequences and be clear at your stance

Make sure that when you are telling your kids to do something, your words are clearly on point and hold on ambiguity. Telling kids the reason behind your words is often important, for if they don’t know the consequences of things, they may simply feel that you are bossing them around.

For instance, when you tell your kid: ‘’Don’t go outside in the rain!’’ He or she may feel it’s an order from you. Just be a more elaborative and say, ‘’Don’t go outside in the rain or else you will catch cold and fall sick.’’ This way they know why they need to do what you asking them to do.

  1. Don’t go the ‘loud’ way, instead stay calm

You must know that little kids are disobedient mainly by default and it is something completely in sync with their age. Therefore, being loud and shouting at them wouldn’t really solve your problem, rather it will only affect your health and do little to no good to your kid’s understanding.

So it’s better to take a deep breath, stay calm, and give a pat on your child’s shoulder and then talk the matter out. This way, your child will also rely on you more and know that you only mean good.

  1. Don’t repeat yourself

Whatever you say to your kid, as a warning or an order, make sure you do it only once. If you repeat it again and again, your kid will soon start to treat your words as empty threats and it will make it further difficult for you to discipline them.

So, try going for words like, ‘’Stop watching cartoons at the count of three, or else you will never get to watch television again.’’

  1. Make a fair deal

Quite often, the give and take phenomenon works the best with little kids, since they are always overly welcoming of some rewards. So one of making them obey is giving them rewards for every time they complete a task you assigned. But make sure the rewards are something not extravagant, else it will be bribing.

For instance, you can say to your child, ‘’Arrange your study table properly after you finish homework, and then you can watch cartoon for 15 minutes extra.’’

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