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How to Check for Duplicate Content: Tools and Tips

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If you are running a website, you might know how and why your website shouldn’t contain plagiarism. Even if your website has duplicate content mistakenly, it will be a significant fault that can ruin your efforts and your site ranking and status.

Whether you plagiarize intentionally or your sentences are being matched with other content unintentionally. Your site will have penalization in both cases. Ultimately, your site will have lower rankings, or maybe your web page will be removed altogether from searches.

Another case that everyone must consider is that others can duplicate your site’s content and aim to utilize it without your approval. These unethical people could use your content on their websites without ever asking you, and as a result, they will come out outranking you in the search engines.

Today, we will clear the question: How to check for duplicate content by sharing some tips and tools with you. So, let’s get into it!

First, Be Clear On How Duplicate Content Is Defined?

In plain speak, Duplicate content is content that materializes on more than one site. In other words, if someone is publishing their content in more than one location, they will have duplicate content. And if you or any additional copies someone else’s content and try to use them on their sites, it is also considered the same content.

As a result, search engine crawlers would have complications in determining which content is relevant to a search engine query.

Search engines always aim to deliver users the satisfactory results possible. Ultimately, duplicate content will begin to exclude from search engine queries as per search engines’ wish!

Cost-Free Tools to Check for Duplicate Content!

It is familiar while writing your content to write your content too similar to elsewhere published content accidentally. That’s the reason it would always be a perfect thought to recheck every detail using plagiarism checkers. These plagiarism checkers will make sure your text value is unique. And the good news is numerous of these tools are available for free. Below we have listed some of the best ones! Take a look!


This is one of the best-known plagiarism checkers that allows you to check plagiarism for free.  It is an AI-based tool that matches your content across the internet without any problems. It is a quick and easy-to-use plagiarism tool that can be accessed and utilized on the go.

Just enter the text and click the check button; the report will display how much plagiarism your content possesses.


Prepostseo plagiarism checker is one of the most used and recommended tool with the most accurate results. It’s a free plagiarism checker which allows their users to check plagiarism for free.

Prepostseo duplicate content checker uses the most advanced algorithms to find the duplicate content along with their source so that people could see the plagiarists.


This another fantastic tool that can match duplicate pages of content across the internet. It’s a 100% cost-free tool that locates sources and plagiarists who have stolen your content. It also allows you to check for plagiarism using URLs within no time.


Here comes another tool that instantly scans the originality of the content you are finalizing to publish on your website. It is a beautiful platform that offers users the facility to do up to 50 searches per day.


This is another best plagiarism checker tool that can verify your entire website for duplicate content without any hurdles. This tool can also search for broken links and examine pages that are most visible on search engines.

Paid Tools to Check for Duplicate Content!

Paid plagiarism tools check for plagiarism by working with advanced algorithms. These paid tools always deliver accurate reports that can evaluate assurance of originality. They are quick, 100% accurate, and faultless. However, the working procedure of both paid and free tools are the same, but there’s a slight difference in the way they evaluate results. Below we have mentioned some paid plagiarism checkers; take a look!


Their paid version gives the facility of both a plagiarism checker, grammar checking service, word choice, and sentence structure.


This tool provides a quick and in-depth scanning without any errors.

This tool can check matched sources and paraphrased contents.

Tips: What To Do If You Find the content duplicated?

Once you have found your content duplicated, then fix it on the go. After running your content through the plagiarism tool, you will have the report. You can quickly identify the plagiarized parts, and you can fix them effortlessly.

But, if you found your content stolen, then you also have an option to play it safe. You can contact the website owner and tell them that they have publicized your content on their website.

You can communicate with them via email or social media platforms. You have to ask them to remove your content from their site or give you the author’s credits.

If you want to protect your content from the beginning, add a DMCA badge to your website. This badge will help you to preserve your original content.


You have to realize that duplicate content is a horrible thing that everyone should avoid in every circumstance. So, get secured and protect your original efforts by relying on some modern tricks!

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