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How to remove Holi color from face

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“I love to celebrate Holi.  In fact, it’s one of my most favorite Indian festivals of the year.  But I have a problem because I have to return to work the next day and the colors just will not come off of my face.  I wonder if any remedies exist!”  Indeed, some remedies do exist, and they are the subject of this article.  So if you want to know how to remove Holi color from face, read on!

Tricks to removing Holi color from your face

Everyone loves to celebrate Holi.  After all, who wouldn’t love to celebrate the triumph of good over evil by throwing colors which represent good and evil on each other?  The only problem is the colored powders stay on your face and hair long after the celebration is over.  This can be annoying if you have to return to work the next day!

Always use cold water

You may be tempted to take a hot shower to wash the holi color off of your skin (and face), however this is a big no-no.  While you may think that the hot water will make it easier to wash the powder off of your face (and body and hair), the exact opposite is true.  The heat and steam from the water can actually entrench the colored powders further in your skin.  This will make it even harder to remove in the future.  For best results, wash your face and skin with cold water as soon as possible.


Use natural ingredients as a paste

“I never thought that natural ingredients would help take the colored Holi powder off of my face, skin, and hair.  However, I guess it makes sense because Holi powders are natural!”  Yes, it’s true that Holi colored powders are 100% natural and this is why organic solutions work so well in removing them.  If taking a cold water shower doesn’t get all of the holi colored powder off of your skin and hair, this tincture might!


Mix honey, Papaya flesh, and either Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti together.  You’ll end up with a pleasant smelling paste which will be effective in removing even the hardest to leave colors from your skin and hair.  Just keep in mind that you may be making this mixture often since holi colored powders tend to cling to your skin and may take several days to remove.


You can’t beat acid to dissolve things

Now before you say, “What do you mean by ‘you can’t beat acid to dissolve things?’” know this.  Lemon juice and honey have acid in them.  So when you mix them together, you get a fairly acidic solution.  Remember that acid dissolves things, but the acid in honey and lemon juice are very gentle so they won’t irritate your skin while eating away at those stubborn holi powders which are still on your skin.  The trick is to apply it directly to those areas of your face, skin, and hair which still have holi colored powder on them.


If this solution does not appeal to you, then you can apply a tincture of wheat flour with a little bit of olive oil or lemon juice to your skin before you shower.  The gluten in wheat flour will stick to  your skin and the natural oils in the olive oil will allow you to safely and easily massage the powder off of your skin while you are showering.  The same is true for wheat flour mixed with lemon juice because lemon juice is very acidic but gentle on your skin!


When in doubt use yogurt!

Yogurt is also slightly acidic and works wonders when mixed with besan or gram flour, turmeric, olive oil, and lemon juice.  The trick is to use the turmeric sparingly because large quantities of turmeric are known to stain skin, hair, and clothes easily.  Apply this to your skin  and face when needed and then massage off with cold water.


Don’t use conventional products

Conventional products include shampoo.  Never use it in your hair after having lots of holi colored powder dumped on it.  The chemicals in the shampoo will drive the powder deeper into your hair and make it harder to wash out in the future.  For best results, massage raw egg yolk on your head and leave it there for at least half an hour before rinsing off.  You can use fenugreek powder mixed with yogurt or mustard seed oil as well – this will effectively remove the holi powder from your hair!


Different treatments are needed if you have acne

You will need different treatments if you have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to acne breakouts.  For best results, massage your face and affected areas with antiseptic cream and then rub calamine lotion mixed with rosewater into the affected skin.  You will notice a huge difference immediately.  Another good treatment that removes holi powder from your face and skin effectively is coconut oil which is massaged into the face and skin with a cotton ball!

Now you can safely enjoy the Holi festivities!

“Well, now that I know that so many effective natural remedies and treatments exist which will remove Holi powder from my skin and hair, I can safely enjoy the Holi festivities and be assured that I will return to work the next day looking clean, fresh, and professional!”

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