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How to solve communication problems in relationships?

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Majority of the relationships falter with time due to problem with communication between the partners.

The reason to this lack of communication can be various, starting from a partner being indulged in their smartphones a little too much to a partner who is way too hesitant to open up and talk what they want to.

Sorting out communication issues in a relationship is an important task to make sure the relationship survives and stays healthy. Here are some ways partners can solve communication problems in their relationship

Communication problems in their relationship:


  1. Let there be a real session between each other

Yes, you heart it right. Just like you would often take appointments, simply to talk to someone in your professional life or a doctor for health reasons, it is essential you have an actual appointment, a real session between your partner as well, if you both live together.

Make sure that during that session it’s only you both on priority to each other, and have your cell phones on vibration and in case you have kids, put them to sleep. That time is only yours and treat it as exclusive for one another.

  1. Show that you are attentive

Many communication troubles arise in a relationship when one thinks that the other is not listening to what he or she is saying. This starts building a lot of cracks in the bond that was earlier hard to break.

So make sure that when your partner is saying something, you don’t look into your mobile or your watch or anywhere else. Staying attentive isn’t all, you need to let the other person know too that you are listening.

  1. Taming the ‘loud’ factor

Often, being loud and aggressive creates far more troubles during arguments than solving them. If you or your partner have a tendency of using loud voice during an argument, which only aggravates the issue further, always choose a public place to sort out our problems where you know if someone catches you shouting, it would be embarrassing for you. This way you can tame this not-so-good quality in you as well as your partner.

  1. Don’t interrupt

Always make sure you give your partner the scope and chance to finish what they want to. Interrupting them in the middle by putting your two cents, will neither give your argument a definite end nor your partner’s.

Once your partner finishes, only then you bring forth your part of the story, so this way both the parties can hear their sides and make a decision of right and wrong based on that.

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