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How a Physical Therapist Can Save You from Lower Back Pain

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Almost everyone will experience low back pain some time in their lives. Although some back pain may come and then quickly go away, many people suffer from pain that lasts a long time.

There are numerous causes of back pain, including car accidents, sports injuries, improper lifting techniques, and bad sleeping posture.

Although there are some home remedies you can do to help reduce or relieve low back pain, they often do not treat the cause of the problem.

For many people, physical therapy in Middletown, Kentucky helps back pain tremendously because it works on balancing and strengthening the muscles and other soft tissues.

This not only alleviates pain, but it also improves movement and function. Depending on what is causing your back pain, a physical therapist can help in a number of ways.

Learn Proper Body Posture

If bad posture is contributing to your low back pain, Evansville physical therapy can show you how to improve this. Posture is often affected by sitting at a desk and computer all day.

A physical therapist can give ergonomic advice on how to improve your work station, such as adding lumbar support, moving the chair up or down, or adding a foot rest, so there is less pressure on the lower back.

Another reason for bad posture is weak muscles and reduced flexibility. A physical therapist can help increase flexibility and strengthen muscles to reduce strain on the lower back.

A physical therapist may take a hands-on approach or coach the client to perform the moves necessary to improve posture.

Learn Exercise Techniques That Help

There are numerous exercises that can help strengthen the lower back, which ultimately can reduce pain. These exercises include a variety of moves that stabilize, balance, and strengthen the muscles and lower spine.

However, if you perform the exercises improperly, this can make the pain even worse because you may be strengthening the muscles in an imbalanced manner or even straining the muscles.

Working with a physical therapist, you can learn the correct techniques when performing these exercises. Some exercises focus on the small muscles that surround the spine, while others focus on the bigger muscles.

A physical therapist will often demonstrate how to perform the exercises and then watch you do them, so if they need any correction, it can happen right away. Once you understand how to do them, you may be given instructions for doing the exercises at home.

Get Muscle Help

One of the main reasons people seek out physical therapy for back pain is to get help with strained or spastic muscles. Physical therapists perform a wide variety of therapies to help relieve muscle pain.

These may include hot or cold therapy, massage, trigger point therapy, manual therapy, and blood flow restriction therapy.

Low back pain is never fun, and it can prevent someone from functioning normally and enjoying life. Whether it is from a sports injury or performing repetitive moves, back pain can be debilitating. A physical therapist can help relieve pain and improve function to prevent back pain in the future.

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