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Here is how to Paint your house with available resources

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All of us who have seen the movie ‘Wake Up Sid’ have dreamt of painting a wall together with our friends and getting together at home. Decorating it with the most innovative ideas with care and a personal touch is important. Home feels like a home when the creative process involves a lot of preferred ideas and choices. However, not all of these things can be managed by people who are not in this particular field. Even seemingly simple things like house painting designs and colors available and their combinations require a lot of thought. Help is now here. Get the best ideas with skilled contractors who would take care of the needs of the house expertly.

Bedroom designs – This is one room wherein the occupants can feel free to add their own touch and flair based on their taste and style. Choose between several bedroom design ideas already available on the website and their catalogs.

  • Mellow – This design, as the name suggests, provides a calm autumn vibe with a relaxing scatter of falling leaves from a tree. It would look amazing in a guest bedroom.
  • Clove-Glove – Another soothing design stencil that uses great variations of colour combinations for bedroom walls would be a perfect match for people who prefer minimalistic work.
  • Cheeky yellow – Painted in a mustard yellow colour and providing a very Goa-like vibe, it is a refreshing change from the traditional colours.
  • Minarets – Symmetry lovers would choose their design as soon as they lay their eyes on it.

Make sure to use waterproof wall paint to keep the paint and walls away from damage before adding any design or stencil to it.

Designs for common areas – A trendy yet light design can never go wrong in the living room, the dining room, or the common areas of the house like the corridors. Browse through the myriad of elegant and peppy designs and select the ones that would best go with the overall aesthetic of the home.

  • Diya Stencil – Needless to say, this design would be apt for the pooja room or the mandir area in the house.
  • The True Beauty – Houses that value nature and prefer to have elegant designs to decorate their walls need not look any further. A gorgeous tree with leaves and birds is all set to rock the corridor walls.
  • Dapple with Pattern – This sea-green and blue coloured design with dim yellow lights at the top would look great in the living room behind the TV set or as a background to the showcase.
  • Bricks texture – For the outside of the house or on a particular wall for a rustic look, this design is a definite win.

Building your house may not seem as tough as it is, especially under the expert guidance of Aapka Painter. Get all your house requirements in order under one roof.

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