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Here are 7 ways you can protect yourself from flu

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The influenza virus consisting of a number of strains can trigger the flue, which is basically respiratory illness-inducing symptoms like headache, fever, cough and in some cases, allergies.

While generally, it doesn’t last for more than a week to around 10 days, sometimes, the severe flu can be life-threatening.

7 tips to protect yourself from the flu

1.  Flu shot

There are seasonal influenza vaccines available to help you build resistance to the flue and other such viral infections. Medical boards suggest that any individual or child who’s older than six months must get a flu shot once every six months.

 2. Exercise

Working out and regular fitness activities help to build the body’s strength and immune system and also prevent you from flu infections.

3. Sleep on time

A sound sleep is mandatory to help your body get the required amount of rest and also to recover from ailments to keep it going for everyday activities.

4. Drink a lot of water

Drinking lot of water has a lot of health benefits. It is not just good for your skin, hair but also has antioxidants that help your body get rid of toxic elements.

 5. Yoga and meditation

For a healthy body, a healthy mind is a vital requisite. Try practicing yoga and meditation at least for an hour everyday to help keep your mind at bay, and body calm.

6. Quit smoking

Studies suggest that people who smoke are at a higher risk of catching flu infections than people who not. So better to throw those cigarette packets away and not just reduce your risk of getting infected by influenza but also other health turbulences like problems with lungs, teeth, etc.

7. Zinc supplements

Zinc is a vital requirement to help strengthen your body’s immunity. If your diet isn’t providing adequate amount of zinc, try taking supplements but make sure you don’t cross 50 mg/day.

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