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Everything about Architectural Lighting Design

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About Architectural Lighting Design

Darkness equates with death, illiteracy, rape, respiratory illness, and many other such evils. Therefore, efforts are made to illuminate the environment. Keeping such a need in mind, the concept of architectural lighting was conceived. Lighting is by far one of the most critical factors in architectural designing.

To define, architectural lightning is an architectural style, having a key focus on illuminating the building, primarily from outside in an urban setting. Gained popularity in the mid-‘60s, an experienced architectural designer requires the knowledge of energy-efficient lighting and its cost as well as appearance. Buildings using such lighting techniques are meant to be lighted permanently.

How architectural lighting design is interdisciplinary?

The foundation concepts of architectural engineering have been borrowed from several disciplines such as interior designing, landscape management, social sciences, technology, architecture, urban designing, and electrical & electronics engineering.

Further, the increasing effects of architectural lighting designs on the moods of viewers have demanded an architectural lighting designer to study human perceptions of various light settings.  Professionals from several backgrounds such as engineering and fine art are attracted to gaining the knowledge of architectural lighting design.

Points that should be kept in mind by lighting designer while working on an urban area

  • An urban space is a collection of complex parts. While working on an architectural lightning project in an urban setting, the designer must ensure that lightning design performs holistically. A designer should harbor multiple variables to ensure that the lighting architectural work must comply with the established requirement codes.
  • An excellent lighting design has to be soothing to the eyes. Further, a designer must avoid making lighting project complex. Furthermore, an ideal architectural lightning design must have typology and context, making the viewers feel safe.
  • While designing an architectural lighting project, the space is created with contrasts (in terms of both hue and brightness).
  • While designing an architectural lightning plan, everything must be based on visual perception.
  • Whenever lighting project is undertaken, the designer must focus on sustainability. The entire architectural lighting work should use minimal energy levels. Further, the designer can integrate technologies such as electronic control and solid state lightning for creating more sustainable projects.
  • It is advisable to use dark sky compliant lights while designing architectural lighting tasks so that the light does not spill outward or upward.

Nevertheless, new regulations are soon to be implemented whenever the research on the spectrum of artificial lights is completed.

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New technologies have been developed to manufacture appealing lighting fixtures, which are apt for both commercial as well as non-commercial uses.

Add the decorative value of any space by putting on attractive lighting fixtures. In addition, the best point about these lighting solutions is they will never cost an arm and a leg.



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