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Eight tips for maintaining the health of your orthopaedic spring mattress


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In the modern world, where life is so fast that people are constantly under stress, a good night’s sleep is more important than ever. Amidst the myriad factors contributing to quality sleep, one stands out: the necessity of a good mattress as it provides comfort and support.

The best mattresses for back trouble, along with their tailored support and alignment advantage, become more than just a sanctuary for tired bodies but also a base for rejuvenating sleep. However, like any prized possession, it also needs care and maintenance in order to keep its condition and performance in the long term.

This blog post is about the revelation of eight essential tips for maintaining good health and making the orthopaedic spring mattress long-lasting. Whether you have a new mattress or want to preserve the health of the existing one, these insights are curated and intended to ensure that your bed of comfort will serve you well for years to come.

Cleanliness is not the only key when it comes to mattress maintenance; it is a set of procedures that ensure the protection and preservation of the complex structure and materials of your mattress. This will include various tasks, from proper placement to protection against spills and pests, which will be covered in this guide. This attention to detail will increase your sleep quality and ensure that your mattress remains the source of the optimal support and comfort your body needs. Let’s dive into the heart of mattress care, guaranteeing that your investment today remains your comfort for many nights to come.

Tip 1: Use a Mattress Protector

Maybe the most vital move in making your orthopaedic mattress last longer is getting a quality protector. This inexpensive protector preserves the integrity of your mattress and your restful slumber. This simple add-on shields your mattress from spills, stains, and gradual damage that can ruin its comfort. A protector doesn’t just keep your mattress clean – it also makes for a healthier sleep by stopping allergens and dust mites from building up.

When picking a mattress protector, breathability and waterproofing are key features to consider. You want breathability so air can flow freely – this prevents heat buildup and keeps you comfy all night long at the right temperature. Plus, it needs to be totally waterproof to provide an impermeable barrier, keeping spills or accidents from sinking into the mattress layers. This stops any liquid damage or mould/mildew growth. By finding a protector with both these perks wrapped up in one, you can maintain a pristine, supportive, and hygienic mattress. This ensures your bed continues to be the best foundation possible for healthy, restful sleep.

Tip 2: Rotate Your Mattress Regularly

If you read the Ortho Spring Mattress Buying Guide, you know that regularly rotating it is vital for preventing uneven wear & tear and making it last. Sleeping in one area over time can create dips from consistent pressure, reducing support and comfort. But rotating the mattress 180 degrees head-to-foot every 3-6 months distributes weight more evenly overall. It keeps your mattress in top shape for supporting your body and giving you cosy sleep. This prevents any single spot from taking the brunt of constant use. Doing this quick spin every few months stops the sagging and lumps that ruin cushioning.

Rotating your mattress the right way is easy – just follow these steps: First, clear any bedding and stuff off the bed so the mattress is free. Gently slide it towards the foot, rotating 180 degrees. If it’s double-sided, you can flip it too for even wear. Get help moving it if needed since mattresses can be bulky. Then realign the mattress on your frame or base so it sits properly. And that’s it – this simple maintenance makes your mattress comfier for way longer! Doing this basic rotation every few months keeps the cushion and support quality in your mattress intact over many years.

Tip 3: Ensure Proper Support

The base your orthopaedic mattress sits on matters just as much for restful sleep. Giving your mattress the backup it needs ensures you keep getting the back support and dreamy sleep you can count on. A good frame or foundation gives essential support so your mattress works its best. Without enough support, even the highest-quality mattress can sag too fast and get lumpy and uncomfortable while its lifespan shrinks.

To ensure your mattress has the support it needs:

  • Check your bed frame or box spring regularly for any wear or damage.
  • Inspect for broken slats or springs. Make sure the frame is sturdy with no wobbling.
  • For queen-sized or larger mattresses, ensure there is a centre support bar that can prevent the mattress from sagging in the middle. If you’re using a box spring, confirm that it is still rigid and capable of uniformly supporting the mattress’s weight.

Doing this quick regular checkup can prevent surprise mattress damage, ensuring your orthopaedic spring mattress keeps giving your body the firm yet responsive support it needs to sleep well. Taking the time to maintain your bed’s base helps your mattress last longer and do its job better.

Tip 4: Keep Your Mattress Clean

Choosing the best orthopaedic mattress is important, but keeping it clean is vital too. Dust, dead skin, allergens – all can build up over time. Regular vacuuming helps remove these. Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to gently go over the whole mattress, especially the seams where dust hides. This simple step extends the life of your mattress and supports your health.

Spills happen! But you can control the damage with prompt action as it prevents stains and damage. First, blot up excess liquid immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Press down gently to soak up as much liquid as you can without rubbing the stain deeper. This keeps it from seeping way down into the mattress fibres where mould and bacteria could grow.

Next, wash the stained area using a mild detergent or a stain-specific cleaner containing enzymes that can work on protein stains like blood or sweat. The cleaner is applied to a clean cloth first and dabbed on the stain gently, from the outside to the centre, to stop the stain from spreading further. Using a damp, soft cloth, wipe the surface. Then blot dry. Ensure the mattress is completely dry before the bed is made again to ensure no moisture remains trapped inside it.

Following these cleaning tips can significantly contribute to the hygiene and durability of your mattress, creating a healthier sleeping environment and prolonging the life of your investment.

Tip 5: Limit Bedtime Activities

Using your bed for activities beyond sleep and intimacy, such as working, eating, or watching TV, can significantly impact the shape and integrity of your mattress. These activities often result in uneven pressure and damage, as sitting or lying in the same position for extended periods concentrates your body weight in specific areas. Over time, this may result in the mattress sagging or showing impressions that reduce their supportive effect, compromising comfort and eventually interfering with the quality of comfortable sleep with Ortho Spring mattresses.

Engaging in stimulating things in bed may make it hard to distinguish between rest and wakefulness, leading to sleep pattern disruptions and poor sleep quality. By reserving your bed for sleep and intimacy only, you strengthen an association between the two that facilitates you to develop a healthy sleep routine.

Moreover, this practice prevents extra damage to your mattress, leaving it in excellent condition to give your body the support and comfort for a refreshing sleep. This minimal habit is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your mattress and ensure a better sleeping environment.

Tip 6: Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Incorporating professional cleaning and maintenance into your mattress care routine can significantly enhance its longevity and performance. Just as you would service a car or deep clean critical areas of your home, a mattress benefits immensely from a professional deep clean at least once a year. This process goes beyond the surface cleaning most individuals can do at home, targeting deeper layers of the mattress to remove dust, allergens, and stubborn stains thoroughly.

Professional cleaners use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure your mattress is sanitized and rejuvenated without damaging its materials and construction. Furthermore, a professional inspection can detect any hidden structural problems or repairs that could escape an untrained person’s sight.

Early detection of problems such as broken springs, frame damage, or internal damage can save you from more significant issues down the line, ensuring your mattress continues to offer the optimal support and comfort needed for a good night’s sleep. Integrating these professional services into your mattress maintenance schedule can extend its usable life and maintain its health, offering peace of mind and sustained sleep quality.


Taking care of your orthopaedic mattress bought online is about more than preserving furniture – it’s investing in better sleep and overall wellness. How long your mattress lasts directly impacts how well it keeps supporting and comforting you. Hence, regular maintenance is key to getting the most out of your mattress. Following are some key tips–ranging from using a protector, keeping it supported, and deep cleaning– that can make your mattress last way longer. This lets you enjoy restful sleep night after night.

Brands like SleepWell and Kurl-On offer a range of the best mattresses for back trouble designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that you can find the perfect foundation for your sleep sanctuary. Putting a good mattress protector on your new bed not only keeps it safer from spills and wear but also makes your sleep space way more hygienic. We recommend making protectors part of your regular mattress care routine alongside other healthy habits. This helps ensure your orthopaedic mattress keeps providing awesome, restful sleep for decades.


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