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5 signs of good health: Are you really healthy?

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What does it truly mean to be healthy? The definition of healthy will forever vary. For some, it is when you cut the carbs out, while for others, it is when you bid adieu to processed sugar.

Can you fearlessly say you are a healthy person if currently you haven’t been diagnosed with any chronic disease?

Well, to cut it short, here’s a list of five signs that you can look out for in your own body to know whether you’re really healthy or only halfway there!

5 signs of good health

  1. You get consistent sleep

If you get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and wake up feeling all refreshed the next morning, super! You are healthy! A consistent sleep pattern suggests that your cortisol levels are normal, your core body temperature is fine, and your body is well regulated. It also suggests that your mind is getting ample peace and rest, which is essential.

However, if you don’t get a sound sleep every night, don’t worry. You’re not the only one! A major chunk of the population has trouble getting good sleep. If you can identify the culprits contributing to this, you can have the situation under control!

The main factors you should look out for include alcohol consumption before sleep, consuming too much caffeine in a day, stress (yes, don’t let that overthinking take control of you!), or simply any kind of excitement that doesn’t allow your mind to rest.

You can also check certain external factors like the temperature of the room you sleep in, the amount of light that enters, etc. Keeping a check on these aspects can help you develop a consistent and healthy sleep pattern.

  1. You are pumped up with energy throughout the day

If you’re loaded with energy all day long, with no lags whatsoever, it suggests you’re quite healthy! Two things that contribute to this are, good sleep and good FOOD! Yes, foods that boost your energy and have the right balance of nutrients can help keep you pumped up throughout the day!

Opt for a heavy breakfast followed by a light lunch that’s filled with salads and lettuce. Get a healthy snack like a granola bar or smoothie around 3 p.m. and BAM! You’re all pumped up to fill the whole atmosphere with your energy!

  1. You have healthy bowel movements

If you have quick, effortless, normal-looking bowels, you’re totally on Team Healthy! Ideally, you should feel that your stomach is empty after a healthy bowel movement.

You can get better bowel movements by keeping a track of the amount of insoluble fiber you consume as this is essential to keep your colon clean.

Avoid foods like heavy meat, too much bread, and lots of dairies to achieve better bowel movements. Also, drink lots of water!

  1. You’ve clear skin, hair, and nails

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. A lot about your health can be told simply by looking at your hair, skin, and nails. In case they look too dry and brittle, it can be an indication of dehydration and vitamin deficiencies.

Try drinking lots of water and include green leafy vegetables in your everyday diet. Ideally, you should be looking at all foods like they are a fuel for your body. You wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality!

  1. You’re a happy person

A healthy mind equals to a healthy body! Our mind is connected to our body. Hence, if you’re truly and consistently happy, it indicates you are healthy too! In case you haven’t reached that ‘happy zone’ yet, don’t worry.

Make a list of things that make you feel stressed or negative. Then simply try to chalk those things out of your life or make room for improvement.

Always remember, your happiness and health are in your hands, to a great, great extent!

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