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Effective Winter Care Tips For Your Baby

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Winters are here! While the cold and freshness is a welcome change, you need to be extra cautious when it comes to health, not just about you, but also your little one.

Unlike adults, the little ones need some extra attention and care during the winters, not just for their skin but for their overall health.

So here are some effective winter care tips for your baby that you definitely need to abide by—

Winter Care Tips for Your Baby

  1. Don’t use detergents that are harsh

Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and porous, as a result of which, substances can quite easily permeate inside their skin and if they are harsh or toxic, they can cause some serious reactions in your baby and mess with their system.

They can also strip your baby’s skin of natural oils. So you need to be careful with your baby’s clothes as well as your own since your baby is always in close proximity to you. So use mild detergents with lesser chemicals to wash both your clothes.

  1. Bath gels can be a better option

Soaps can be quite harsh and most of the time are loaded with chemicals that are harmful to your baby. So to be on the safe side, it is best to use mild bath gels on your baby to bathe him or her.

You can also choose bath gels that have more organic substances like natural oils, chickpea, etc, the goodness of which will always benefit your child.

  1. Massage your baby’s skin regularly

Winters make your baby’s extra sensitive skin drier, and hence it is essential that you massage your baby’s skin regularly with natural oils like almond oil, and restore their body’s moisture, keeping their skin super supple and soft. Additionally, the massage time can also give you ample time to bond with your little one!

  1. Use organic lip balms for your baby

Lips are the most vulnerable organ that gets easily stripped off oils and hence they become parched in no time during winters.

So to make sure your baby’s lips are soft and moist, use an organic lip balm loaded with the benefits of natural oils, and keep checking it from time to time.

  1. Keep your baby moisturized right after a bath

Once you give the little one a happy bath and you pat him dry, make sure you moisturize your baby’s whole body well with a baby cream that will keep their skin soft and tender.

Also, make sure you give your baby warm baths, but the water shouldn’t be too hot for their skin, as that will cause irritation and also wipe off natural oils from their skin.


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