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Celebrating World Radio Day on 13h February

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About World Radio Day

World Radio Day is celebrated every year on the 13th of February. As the phrase suggests, the day is to celebrate the existence of Radio, one of the oldest and most remarkable means of mass communication that has over the years and years help reach masses of people and made a huge impact in society.

Radio has successfully managed to touch many lives and contribute exponentially in the field of information and technology and even today, its reach is magnanimous and its need is always up the ladder.

Hence, 13th of February is observed as a day to commemorate the power of radio, and it came into existence from the year 2012, after the decision to have World Radio Day received a green signal from the UNESCO in its 36th general conference held on the 3rd of November in the year 2011, just one year after the concept was proposed by the Kingdom of Spain.

After the idea was proposed and UNESCO affirmed the concept, a unanimous decision for the observance day was taken after consulting with prominent boards like international broadcasters, broadcasting associations, private, state, as well as community broadcasters among others, and when all of them gave an affirmative response, the date of 13th February was chosen to be observed as World Radio Day.

The reason it was 13th February is the fact that the first time United Nations Radio was established was on the same date in the year 1946.

Ever since then, World Radio Day sees an extensive celebration all over the world, where seminars, events, discussions are held to know about the medium of radio in a wide-scale, discuss and understand new strategies, understand various government, state, as well as private radio operations, and look into the future of what further development can be aimed at with the help of radio.

Starting from journalism to lifestyle, all aspects of radio are widely discussed on this day, precisely looking at the power of radio, understanding its content, marketing, as well as functions in a more vivid fashion.

In fact, around 19 radio stations from all across the globe have come to the headquarters of the UNESCO to broadcast live, on the day of World Radio Day.

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