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Can Cell Phones Cause A Lack In Potency?

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A recently conducted study revealed some shocking results, wherein it was observed that around 47% of men who keep their mobile phones in their pockets during the daytime had their potency seriously affected.

It is quite alarming as the study also revealed that men who normally use their cell phones for as little as even an hour a day, can have their sperm levels affected significantly.

On the other hand, as per the study, if men keep their cell phones close to their testicles, and even as far as 1 or 2 feet from their bodies, their sperm count can lower so much that conception can be a very difficult thing altogether.

One of the primary ways of avoiding this issue is by wearing a suit during work and most of the times of the day, where they can keep their cell phones in their jacket pocket instead of their trousers’ pocket, as this would help in preventing their sperm count from falling.

One interesting thing to note here is that as per the studies, the potency can be affected only in 11% of the cases when men just use their cell phones, however, it shoots up to 47% cases when the cell phone is kept closer to the testicles.

The study included 100 men who were part of a fertility clinic for over a year.

According to the findings from the study, the doctors tested these men’s amount of active swimming sperms along with their quality and found based on several parameters that the sperms were depreciating.

The primal factor for this was cited to be the cell phones that overheated the sperms along with the electromagnetic activity.

Talking on the phone while it is charging, or simply sleeping next to it on the bed are several other factors contributing to the decreasing fertility in men.

In case of women, since most of them don’t always carry their phone on them, it doesn’t affect their fertility much, however, with men, the stats are alarming as there are critical 40% cases of dropping fertility in them, making conception extremely hard for those couples.

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