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Anshi National Park

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About Anshi National Park

It is outstanding that Anshi National Park and Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary were as one allowed the status of Project tiger reserve, being proclaimed as ‘Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve‘ in January 2007.

The 340 sq km (130 sq mi) Anshi Park appends the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, and together with six nearby secured ranges in the conditions of Goa and Maharashtra, frames a practically continuous ensured woodland zone of more than 2,200 sq km (850 sq mi).

The dark panther, elephants, and tigers live in the recreation center yet are once in a while seen.

Other expansive well evolved creatures here are Indian buffalo, sloth bear, Indian wild hog, hood macaque, northern fields dim langur, dark thin loris, a few deer including woofing deer (muntjac), mouse deer (chevrotain), sambar deer and spotted deer (chital or pivot deer).

Wild puppy, jackal, wilderness feline, panther feline, little Indian civet, Indian dark mongoose, flying squirrel, porcupine, Malabar civet, Indian monster squirrel, and pangolin likewise make their home in the woodlands here.

Reptiles in the recreation center incorporate the lord cobra, spectacled cobra, Russell’s snake, saw-scaled snake, basic krait, Indian rock python, rodent snake, vine snake, green or bamboo pit snake, and screen lizards.

Some basic trees and plants here include bintangur, Calophyllum wightianum, Malabar tamarind, Garcinia morella, Knema attenuata, Hopea wightiana, Tetrameles nudiflora, writing board tree, Flacourtia montana, Machilus macrantha,

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