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Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

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About Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Presently the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is proclaimed as the Tiger Reserve, and preferences on the Nilgiri Hill’s north-western side, in the District of Nilgiri and is around 150 km i.e., 93 mi on Coimbatore’s north-west side in Tamil Nadu’s western part, on South Indian Kerala and Karnataka states interstate limits.

This asylum is said to be the first in South India which was set up in 1940. Covering a territory of around 321 sq km comprising of the flawless tropical wild, it covers a zone of 321 Sq. Km. containing perfect tropical wild.

The spot is said to be rich in bio-diverse qualities particularly winged creatures or avifauna. This is isolated by the waterway Moyar which streams along the Karnataka & Tamil Nadu’s outskirt.

The interstate of Mysore – Ooty keeps running along the recreation center.

Individuals from everywhere throughout the globe come to see the untamed life at Mudumalai woodland.

It is broadened with bamboo, elephant grass which is called tall grass, significant timbers like the rosewood, teak, venteak, vengai, mathi and bushes like the Indian laburnum, coral trees and flame of woods and great blooming trees. Among the bearers of organic products are numerous sorts of wild figs, nelli, Jamun and jujube.

It is pleasant to see the gaur, elephant, mouse deer, sloth bear and chowsingha here. The creatures likewise incorporates panther, tiger, spotted deer, sambar, blackbuck, barking deer, Malabar giant squirrel, common langur, four-horned antelope or Chowsingha, Malabar giant squirrel, jackal, wild dog, mongoose, wild dog, jungle cat, leopard cat striped hyena, rusty-spotted cat, small Indian civet, leopard-feline, ruddy mongoose and so on. Irrespective of the fact that the tigers are slippery to a great extent the pack of wild dog or panthers are all the more frequently seen here.

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