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Mukurthi National Park

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About Mukurthi National Park

Mukurthi National Park (MNP) which is an ensured region is a 78.46 km² situated in Nilgiris Plateau’s west corner, Ootacamund slope station’s west, Tamil Nadu’s northwest South India’s Western Ghat mountain range.

This park is said to be Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’s part. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee is considering the greater part of the Mukurthi National Park, Nilgiri sub-cluster 6000+ km², to be chosen for the World Heritage Site.

Mukurthi National Park is confronting towards the west with it sickle extended shape has a lengthened bow shape between 11°10′ – 11°22′ N & 76°26′ – 76°34′.

This has towards its fringes with Kerala’s Nilambur South Forest Division on the west, Gudalur Forest Division on the northwest, Nilgiri South Forest Division on the east, southeast and upper east and Kerala’s Mannarghat Forest Division on the south.

The park’s crest of the southwest’s tip is at both the corner’s sides of the upper east of Kerala’s Silent Valley National Park of Kerala.

The shrublands and montane prairies are depicted unmistakably with reefs on a higher arc of elevation with high precipitation, with high winds and temperatures close to the point of solidification.

This spot is home for the risky natural life which incorporates the Asian elephant & royal Bengal tiger, with nilgiri tahr as it fundamental fascination in well-evolved creatures.

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