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Anandashram Kanhangad in Kerala

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About Anandashram Kanhangad

Founded in the year 1931 by Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, fondly known as Papa and Puja Mataji, the Anandasram is located in Kanhangad in the southern state of Kerala.

The ashram garners a lot of tourist attractions and conducts programs like satsangs, bhajans, and samadhis all throughout the year.

The ashram inculcates in the minds of the devotees that one can always have access to communicate with the Almighty by chanting the holy divine name and always keeping him alive in our hearts and minds.

Generally, a typical routine at the ashram includes an early morning bhajan at the Bhajan Hall that starts at around 5.00 a.m. every morning, which are followed by flower offerings, arati, and the Ram Naam.

After that is done, the afternoon session takes place, which generally includes enchantments from the Hanuman Chalisa and some more bhajans. The satsang takes place at around 3.30 p.m. at the Satsang Hall. Alongside, the Samadhi Mandirs are also open for most time of the day, from morning 6.00 a.m. till evening 6.00 p.m.

The ashram also undertakes initiatives towards rural development, medical aids to the underprivileged and other types of charities for the old aged and disabled people.

Why is the Anandashram Kanghangad in Kerala so important?

Anandasharm Kanghangad is a popular spiritual retreat for both locals and tourists alike. It reminds both of the depth and richness of the Hindu religion.

Indeed, if there ever was a place where modern Indians and foreigners could learn about, worship, and appreciate the real essence of Hinduism, the Anandashram would be it.

If you were wondering what inspired Swami Ramdas to establish such an interesting place of worship and learning, it was a desire to ‘return back to Hinduism’s real roots!’ It all began when Ramdas went to Mumbai.

Prior to visiting what was even in the early 20th century India’s financial capital, he had visited Kasaragod. This was in North Kerala.

He lived in a thatched hut located on the Pilikunj Hill back then. Well, he was so inspired by this experience that he wrote to his brother who still lived in Kasaragod.

He told his brother (in this letter) that he wanted to build an Ashram in the very place where the thatched hut where he had stayed in at Pilikunj Hill was.

He wanted it to be named Anandashram. Ramdas had a vision of this Ashram being inspired by the thatched hut but being a place where people could worship Hindu gods and learn more about Hinduism if they really wanted to.

Well, his wishes were finally answered when a small wooden Ashram with an open veranda was built on the south side of the hill. This Ashram was a one-room house. The Payashwini River banks were located beneath the ashram.

The Anandashram Kanhangad was officially inaugurated on June 3, 1928. Since it was located in a jungle, visiting and learning in the Ashram was the perfect place for Indians and foreigners alike to understand the peaceful realities of Indian nature while appreciating the real nature of the Hindu spiritual religion. This was significant since Hinduism is a nature-inspired religion.

Anandashram Kanhangad goes global

Well, Anandashram Kanhangad soon got global attention. This occurred when Krishnabhai visited the temple on June 7, 1928. She had initially arrived in Kanhangad to live with her deceased husband’s sister.

She decided to make the ashram her permanent home in 1930. Unfortunately, this was not considered socially acceptable in India in the 1930s.

A lot of people and devotees stopped studying and worshipping in the ashram as a result. However, the ashram did receive global attention because of this.

The Anandashram Kanhangad is definitely worth a visit

You should definitely consider visiting the Anandashram Kanhangad even if you are not Hindu. The ashram is open for people of all religions to study and worship in. it’s also a great place to find your own version of spirituality.

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