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Anaimalai Hills Western Ghats

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About Anaimalai Hills Western Ghats

Situated on the Western Ghats of the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the Anaimalai Hills are a popular mountain range, technically meaning Elephant Hills, as “Anai” means elephants and “malai” means hills. The entire Anaimalai sub-cluster, which also includes the Anaimalai Hills, is currently being considered by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site.

Many people visit the place as a part of their pilgrimage to worship goddess Masani Amman here. It is believed that if you offer your prayers with a pure mind to this goddess, she will solve all your problems and remove your anxiety.

The Anaimalai Hills are also considered to be one of the eight most popular Jaina hills. One can thoroughly enjoy the traditional food here and the town of Anaimalai located in the range of the Anaimalai Hills has seen a sound increase in student population, thanks to the Annamalai University here.

Why are the Anaimalai Hills in the Western Ghats so important?

This part of the Western Ghats borders two states:  Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Both are South Indian states. You’ll love these hills if you love hiking and ‘being one with nature!’

A visit to Anaimalai Hills will allow you to view Mudumalai National Park, Siruvani Waterfalls, and Jawadhu Hills, among other natural wonders. Indeed, the Anaimalai Hills and the Western Ghats, in general, are one of India’s last bastions of nature.

You’ll love visiting this place if you want to see wildlife in its natural habitat. The Anaimalai Hills is home to some of India’s best tiger reserves. This is the place for you if you love the jungle. Thanks to very heavy rainfall, the Anaimalai Hills and nearby Cardamom Hills are home to some of India’s largest jungles.

If you are contemplating staying in Anaimalai Hills for a few days, you should visit Valparai. This is a cool and peaceful hill station. It’s also a popular tourist haunt. Therefore, you can meet people from all over the world in this small town.

You’ll have to trek over to Coimbatore (located in Tamil Nadu) if you want to visit Valparai.

History of Anamalai hills

This amazing hill range was formed about 11,700 years ago. This was at the start of the world’s first agricultural revolution. It’s approximately 8,842 feet above sea level.

The hills’ cooler and subtropical climate make it excellent for growing tea and coffee. In fact, you would find many thriving coffee and tea plantations if you were to visit its foothills.

The hills themselves are heavily forested with a carpet of many species of trees. These include the very valuable Teak tree. But you’ll find the Rosewood, Sandalwood, and Sago palm trees doing well in this region as well.

This place will take you back in time

Indeed, a visit to Anamalai Hills will ‘take you back in time’ to a more peaceful and tranquil period in Indian history. This was a time when India’s population density was much lower. Therefore, the same opportunities that you’ll find to interact with nature and wildlife at Anamalai Hills were once present all over India!

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