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Acupuncture may be your most reliable solution for migraine headaches

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About Solution for Migraine

Over the years, migraine headaches have been a common cause of concern among masses, wherein around 18% of women and 6% of men in the U.S. suffer from severe migraine headaches every year.

There hasn’t been any blatant cure for the same, however, the recent study in China reveals that acupuncture can actually help reduce the effects of migraine headaches in people and the same was also asserted by numerous studies conducted previously in the USA as well as Canada.

In the study process, around 500 people who on average had around 6 days of severe migraine headaches every month were treated with acupuncture for around three months.

The people were actually divided into two groups, wherein one group was treated with traditional acupuncture and the other group was treated with sham acupuncture treatment, but both the groups weren’t aware of what form of acupuncture they were treated with.

After three months, the results of the acupuncture program were impressive, since the candidates said that their migraine headaches had almost reduced to only around 3 days a month instead of 6.

However, it was then seen that the reducing migraine headaches lasted only for those who were treated with traditional Chinese acupuncture instead of the ones who were treated with the sham acupuncture, and hence, it was finally deduced that it is only through true traditional acupuncture that severe migraine headache treatments can have a long-lasting effect.

The study also revealed that the chances of success through traditional acupuncture are higher when the patients are not under any other form of treatment, like over the counter products like tablets, etc. for their migraine treatment.

The doctors also suggest that it is essential for one to be committed if considering acupuncture treatment for migraines, since the process is time-consuming and for maximum results, a lot of patience is required since you cannot adhere to other forms of treatment while hanging on to acupuncture right away.

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