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8 Signs of Emotional Wellness: Are you Emotionally Healthy?

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Have you ever wondered what could be the possible meanings of being ”mentally” or ”emotionally” healthy? Do you often think about the problems you have in your life and wonder if you’re really at a bad stage of life? Or if your problems are worse than others around you or vice versa?

In simple words, being emotionally wellness or healthy isn’t about not having any problems in your life. Come on, that’s simply not possible! Humankind isn’t so blessed after all! Problems exist in everyone’s life.

But the parameter that decides if you’re emotionally healthy is how you approach those problems in life and how you let the better parts of your outshine those problems!

8 signs of emotional wellness

  1. You treat others really well

Showcasing qualities of kindness and compassion towards others is a prominent sign of your own emotional stability. In psychology, this is known as prosociality. If you have the empathy and are sensitive to others, you’re certainly someone with emotional wellness.

Be it returning the lost wallet of someone or helping someone cross the road, lending a hand to someone in need of help is a strong sign of a healthy emotional mindset.

  1. You’re comfortable in your skin

You know who you are and you like who you are! If this sounds like you then the good news is that you are quite emotionally healthy!

It is imperative to be comfortable in your own skin, know your strengths, your weaknesses, and be absolutely okay about all of it!

The moment you make peace with your own identity, you will feel like a lot of emotional baggage has just gone away!

  1. You don’t feel the need to pretend

Psychologists refer to this as being congruent. It simply means that whatever you’re on the inside, reflects on the outside, to others. You aren’t a completely different person when you’re alone in a room and the exact opposite when you’re out with people.

Yes, certain differences are natural, such as, being more reserved in a board meeting vs. being all carefree in a family picnic.

However, you don’t feel the need to pretend that you’re someone else when you’re in front of others. This denotes you have really strong emotional wellness.

  1. You’re flexible with what comes your way

You are prepared for whatever challenge life throws at you and are flexible enough to take the required course of action.

Be it relationships, friendships, family, or career– you’re open to adjustments and understand that you should do what will be in everyone’s best interest. You don’t hesitate to speak for yourself but would also allow someone else to have the last word.

You wouldn’t be impulsive and would rather let the situation cool off or sometimes let the power of silence speak! If this sounds like you then congratulations! You indeed have great emotional wellness.

  1. You show gratitude

For everything that you have and keep getting, you always show your gratitude. Being appreciative of what you have instead of sulking over what you don’t have is a very important sign of good emotional health.

  1. You don’t get overwhelmed by emotions

It’s not like an emotionally healthy person never gets angry or sad. All emotions be it happiness, sorrow, anger, guilt, jealousy, are a part of life, and we all face it!

However, an emotionally stable person would never let these emotions overwhelm him. He would instead embrace them, accept them, and know that it’s absolutely normal to feel a certain way.

If he feels sad, he would opt to do what gives him happiness. If he feels lost and lonely, he would opt to go speak to a near and dear one. Being emotional isn’t indicative of poor emotional health but how you deal with those emotions certainly is!

  1. You have a purposeful life

You can’t just live life for the sake of it! An emotionally healthy person would always find a purpose in life and work towards it. It doesn’t mean it has to be something big and out of the box.

Even the simplest of things like helping at a dog shelter, playing music, contributing to an old-age-home, etc. can become short-term and long-term purposes of your life.

Every day, you should feel at peace and satisfied when you’re off to bed. If this is you, then you’re most certainly emotionally healthy.

  1. You cherish experiences more than possessions

In the end, your experiences are what make you! Materialistic possessions can only give you temporary happiness but it is self-fulfillment that will always make you have a healthy mind!

People who tend to value possessions like wealth, attractiveness, fame, are often seen to be emotionally vulnerable, whereas those with the thirst for knowledge, self-fulfillment, are seen to be more content with life and themselves.

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